Our Portfolio

Our strategy reflects a growing appetite for investment that combines financial returns with positive long-term social and environmental effects.  We are building a multi-asset platform designed to stand the test of time and bring positive change on a scalable level.

Our Approach to Investing

We look beyond the opportunity in front of us to understand how it fits into the broader value chain.

By focusing on the entire food supply chain, from how products are grown to the ingredients in our food to how consumer behavior is changing, we are able to construct a portfolio that sees the bigger picture environmental and financial system impact and synergies. This approach gives us an edge in the market and industry insights others may not see.


Food & Agriculture

Investing from soil to shelf.

By connecting the dots between the consumer and farm, we have an outsized impact on all aspects of the food system.


Oceans & Seafood

Global shifts are converging to create opportunity.

Ecosystem health, resource limitations and consumer demands are converging to create opportunities in the oceans and seafood sector.


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