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We have a lot to say about food and agriculture.  And we are continuing to invest in companies working to build a more stable, resilient, sustainable and healthy system.  See our latest news and points of view from the media outlets kind enough to share them.


Agri Investor

Indoor ag's appeal could see it provide 10% of US veg and herbs by 2025

S2G Ventures Chief Investment Officer Sanjeev Krishnan says recent developments in controlled environment ag evoke earlier stages of renewable energy markets.


10 positive takeaways from 2020 as the year draws to a close

As 2020 draws to a close, CNBC Make It looks at some of the major breakthroughs achieved this year and the positive shifts they foretell for 2021 and beyond. Our Managing Director Chuck Templeton provides comments on consumers increased focus on food and well being.


Startups Focused On Gut Microbiome For Health Clues Raised $1B In VC Funding

With research increasingly showing that the microbiome plays a large part in overall human health, more startups are launching in the field and venture investors have pumped $1 billion into U.S. companies working on gut microbiome projects in the past five years.


Agriculture tech startup iUNU raises $7M for greenhouse computer vision system

Seattle startup iUNU raised another $7 million in Series A financing, led by S2G Ventures and Ceres Partners, to help grow its AI and computer vision tech used in greenhouses.


CEA can increase its U.S. market share by 5x over the next 10 years

With increased demonstration of the viability of controlled growing, a newly launched report predicts that CEA will support more than 10% of US vegetable and herb production by 2025 leading to significant opportunities for growers over the next decade.


Where are aquaculture’s upcoming investment opportunities?

Investment firms in the aquaculture sector are looking at the seafood industry’s broader canvas for profits instead of solely focusing on biomass.

The Fish Site

Controlled Environment Agriculture: Growing Beyond the Hype

S2G Ventures predicts that the maturation of CEA will lead to differentiated, quality products, cost-competitive pricing and a more resilient, traceable and trustworthy supply chain.


Advancements in Controlled Environment Agriculture are Transforming the Fresh Food Category

A S2G Ventures Report Predicts the US CEA Market will Grow 5x Over the Next 10 Years

Yahoo Finance

S2G Ventures on The Future of Food Retail

Why Now? How the Pandemic of 2020 is reshaping grocery retail, why today is different and what it will change about how and what we eat.

Food+Tech Connect

The future of food retail, from AI to consumer-first technology

The future of food and natural products retailing mainstreams the good-food revolution. S2G Ventures projects the must-follow values and technologies.

New Hope Network

How businesses are feeding the cravings of the comfort- and convenience-centric consumer

“Going online, the friction points are so much lower and there’s less buy-in as a consumer,” said S2G Vice President Audre Kapacinskas.


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