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We invest in companies that focus on accelerating the energy transition and advancing economy-wide decarbonization.

The next decade will see the shift from our largely fossil-based energy system to one built on a range of low- and no-carbon resources. In our view, this represents a once-in-a-century type opportunity. However, capturing the value that will be created by this shift demands both technical and commercial innovation and the type of deep systems-level expertise that the S2G team believes it possesses.

Our Approach

Industrial Decarbonization

Major industrial products such as steel and concrete will be manufactured more efficiently with lower carbon chemistries and processes. Molecules like hydrogen will be produced using greener methods and used to fuel other parts of the energy system.

The Built Environment

The built environment will transform through the availability of new building materials, the creation of innovative development models, and “smart” energy usage with interconnected devices.

Low Carbon Mobility

The mobility sector will electrify where possible, incorporating clean molecules for high energy density applications such as shipping and aviation, and become more efficient through optimized logistics.

Clean Electricity

Power from renewable sources will continue to significantly scale as larger parts of the economy move from fossil to clean generation. Value creation will increasingly hinge on the strategic positioning of asset generation and the structuring of creative offtakes that integrate distributed energy resources.

S2G partners with companies working to deliver the energy transition across the economy, from the delivery of more clean power and mobility solutions, through to the decarbonization of industrial processes and the built environment.

Investment Themes


Interested in learning more about how we’re investing in our sectors of focus?

Managing Director, Energy

Managing Director, Energy

Principal, Energy

The team oversees a diversified portfolio focused primarily on growth-stage companies, including numerous investment opportunities at the seams of key energy transition themes.



Electra was featured in this article addressing the decarbonization of the steel industry and Electra's unique process.


Energy Gang Podcast

At the recent Gulf Coast Power Assn. conference in Houston, S2G’s Frank O’Sullivan and Rice University’s Ken Medlock joined Wood Mackenzie’s Ed Crooks for a panel discussion (and Energy Gang podcast episode) on strategies for integrating new technologies as the demand for power rises.



The company is one of 13 recipients across 9 states to receive funding aiming to advance zero-process-emission ironmaking and ultra-low life cycle emissions steelmaking.


Latest News

Achieving real progress on decarbonization requires a massive acceleration in capital deployment over the next decade. While the aggregate capital committed to the energy transition today appears impressive, much of this is not aligned to where the market’s funding needs are most pressing. Fundamental changes need to happen to close the capital gap, help companies scale and de-risk, and bring the clean energy transition to fruition.



* LineVision Data, as of 3/21/2023

** S2G Impact Survey, as of 2022

Hear from our portfolio company leaders, who are rapidly scaling climate solutions and igniting system-wide change across the global economy.

Company Stories

Impact to Date


ton reduction in CO2 emissions annually by Orange EV **


lbs of CO2 emissions avoided through Common Energy's community solar platform **


mt of CO2e GHG emissions avoided by LineVision utility partners*

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