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Invested at the Seams of Sector Transition

Our sectors of focus present critical points of overlap - they are highly interconnected, commodity-driven and policy-sensitive with commonly hard-to-abate emission challenges. By challenging the usual siloed approach and tapping into similar market dynamics to identify scalable solutions, we aren’t just driving positive outcomes - we’re helping to change the system.


A worker in a red hardhat services a solar panel in a row of many solar panels

We invest in companies that focus on accelerating the energy transition and advancing economy-wide decarbonization.


An extreme close-up view of a green leaf with water droplets on it

We invest holistically across the food system in market-based solutions that help improve environmental and human health outcomes.

Food and Agriculture

Arial view of ocean water.

​We invest in technologies and business models that can alter the trajectory of ocean health, climate resilience, and food security.



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