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Financing the Transition: From Innovation to Scale

The United Nations declared this decade to be the ‘Ocean Decade’ a designation that could not be more timely given the deteriorating health of the ocean and our increasing dependence on it for sustenance, climate regulation, trade, tourism and countless other ecosystem services. Our latest report explores the trends that are fueling the transition to a healthier ocean ecosystem and a more sustainable seafood supply chain.



S2G Summit Portfolio Day: Leading Through the Transition

The theme was Leading Through the Transition, and presentations and workshops focused on the future of work, category creation, and AI.


Conversations from SF Climate Week: The Missing Middle and Flexible Financial Solutions

S2G team members offered their thoughts on several panels focused on climate finance and flexible capital solutions at SF Climate Week.


Welcome KAS: Supporting a Transition Towards Natural Astaxanthin

We’re thrilled to invest in KAS, which is making waves in microalgal innovation for the aquaculture industry and beyond.



Adapting to the Future of Work with Rishad Tobaccowala

In this episode, Rishad Tobaccowala, former Chief Growth Officer at Publicis Groupe, and current author, speaker, advisor, and host of the What Next? podcast, offers an incisive look into the evolving nexus of technology and human capital shaping the future of work. This episode is a must-listen for leaders seeking to scale their companies effectively while navigating the dynamic shifts in work environments and trends.



Staying True to Your North Star with Back to the Roots

Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez, co-founders of Back to the Roots, discuss the significance of deep customer understanding, the art of pivoting in response to challenges, and the non-negotiable commitment to sustainability and transparency that has defined their brand.



Sector Specialization and Systems-Level Investing with Sanjeev Krishnan

S2G's Sanjeev Krishnan takes us through his career path from investing in telecom in emerging markets to building out a life sciences investment group at the IFC, the early days of energy environmental investing, his decision to home in on food and agriculture, and finally to his journey with S2G.




S2G and Builders Vision Announce S2G’s Launch as a Registered Investment Adviser and Standalone Business

The evolution into a separate firm is a natural progression for S2G, which will continue to provide capital and value-added resources to venture and growth-stage businesses across food and agriculture, oceans and energy.


This Man Turned Thermostats Into a $3B Business. Can He Do the Same for Food Waste?

Matt Rogers is bringing lessons from Apple and Nest to the climate-change problem hiding in your kitchen.


Miraterra Announces Novel Soil Digitizer and Close of Seed Funding Round

S2G participated in the fundraise for Miraterra, whose soil measurement technology helps unlock access to soil carbon markets and seeks to propel regenerative and precision agriculture forward.


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