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Growing Beyond the Hype: Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled farming has the potential to offer consumers and supply chain stakeholders resilient, sustainable, local, high-quality products. Utilizing different methods and formats, indoor and greenhouse producers can alleviate systemic nutrition and food access challenges, while mitigating climate and outdoor production risk. In our latest report, we explore Controlled Environment Agriculture in the context of today’s market and perspectives on the future potential.


The ABCs of Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology

Innovations in CEA technology have the potential to de-risk production and commercial adoption as well as transform food production.

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Celebrating Women Founders and CEOs Building a Better Food System

Our women founders and CEOs are solving the critical challenges facing our food system and also providing a path for the next generation.

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10 Billion for Carbon Negative Food Transition

S2G challenges the private market to catalyze $10 billion over the next 3 years directed at transitioning to a carbon negative food system.

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Carbon 101 and The Future of Carbon Markets

Alex Rau, Founding Partner of Environmental Commodity Partners LP (ECP) and Climate Wedge, joins us on this podcast episode. We talk about Alex's background, cover carbon 101: what it really means, what it doesn't mean, and explore how this commodity that is increasingly getting structured and formalized is important to several industries, including the food system.


Leaders in Agriculture: Celebrating Three Exceptional Women

Tina May, Chief of Staff and VP of Rural Services for Land O’Lakes, Alexis Taylor, Director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and Amanda De Jong, South West Business Unit Lead for Landus Cooperative, join us on this podcast episode. All three are remarkable leaders in agriculture who join us to celebrate Women's Day, highlight their accomplishments, learnings, new projects, and advice for future leaders in ag.


On The Frontlines of Innovation with Ripple Foods

Laura Flanagan, CEO of Ripple Foods and Adam Lowry, co-founder of Ripple Foods discuss building brands with purpose in a changing market and the value of impact and measurement for companies including becoming a B-Corp and the Ripple Effect. Both Laura and Adam dish on tactical tips for women in leadership and entrepreneurs.


From Family Kitchen to the World: Plant-Based Startup Expands

Fake meat’s move from urban eateries and vegan kitchens to the mass consumer market is accelerating as investors increase their bets on the alternative-protein industry.

How the COVID-19 pandemic has changed investing in food

Leaders from venture firms and finance said while much of the strategy is the same, the target is becoming more defined through careful choices and the advent of SPACs.

Tech Company to Engineer More Nutritious, Sustainable Plant-Based Food

Benson Hill's ingredient and fresh business segments combine infrastructure capabilities with a technology platform to scale development and commercialization of plant-based offerings.


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