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We identify critical points of overlap between sectors, asset classes and stakeholders in our ecosystem.

Our understanding of these seams helps us to unlock investment opportunities, anticipate market trends, manage risks and create value-added partnerships.


Our sectors of focus are highly connected with intertwining supply chains, opportunities and challenges, representing ~90% of emissions reduction potential. They are commodity-driven and policy-sensitive with common hard-to-abate emission challenges, presenting investable opportunities within and across the sectors. 


By challenging siloed approaches and tapping into cross-sector market dynamics to advance scalable solutions, we aren’t just driving impact - we’re helping to change the system. 

Invested at the Seams of Sector Transition

We offer tailored financial solutions to asset oriented businesses, investing across the capital stack via debt, structured equity or hybrid investments to create value and ringfence risk.

We provide capital and support to companies with innovative products and services that are scaling validated products and services to address specific climate and human health challenges.

Investment Solutions

Build A Strong Foundation

  • Enhance talent: Support careful selection of executives with deep experience

  • Improve operations: Recommend operational strategies that evolve in tandem with growth and demand 

  • Measure Impact: Align on stage- and sector-appropriate KPIs

  • Raise capital: Cultivate additional funding and future owners

  • Amplify profile: Advance strategic branding, marketing, and market education

  • Expand markets: Drive meaningful adoption via introductions to commercial agreements

  • Influence policy: Engage in legislative tracking and policymaker education

Drive Growth and Scale

S2G’s Acceleration Platform seeks to catalyze value and scalability by delivering bespoke growth programs for portfolio companies, with resources dedicated to fostering business expansion and measurable impact. 

Acceleration Platform

We leverage key impact data to inform our decision-making around impact value creation - from sourcing through exit. Our approach is embedded throughout the firm’s investment process and aligned with leading industry principles and standards.

Our Approach to Impact

The next few years will be crucial for building a new ocean economy. We support the scaling of technologies and business models that can alter the trajectory of ocean health, climate resilience and food security while generating market-rate returns.

We believe food needs to be produced in a way that considers human and environmental health just as much as taste and profit - and we invest in market-based solutions that help improve environmental and human health outcomes.

Clean energy is becoming increasingly intertwined with the broader economy as industrial decarbonization and the electrification of transportation and the built environment gain momentum alongside the power sector. We tap into these dynamics to unlock new investment opportunities.

S2G applies the art of second- and third-order thinking to first-order issues. 


Our systems-based strategy looks beyond the immediate investment opportunity to consider broader and long-term consequences and how they fit into the context of the value chain.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the complex processes, infrastructure and organizations involved at each stage of the supply chain across sectors. It enables the firm to generate differentiated deal flow, develop effective growth strategies and identify risks and mitigants that may be overlooked by others.

Systems Investing Approach


Interested in joining the conversation?  We'd love to hear from you. 

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