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Venture & Growth

S2G invests in late-stage venture and growth-stage businesses across food and agriculture, oceans and energy.

Committed to creating measurable impact, S2G provides capital and value-added resources to entrepreneurs pursuing innovative market-based solutions. This strategy reflects a growing demand for investment that combines financial returns with positive outcomes for sustainability and human health. We draw on our deep industry experience and expansive network to help portfolio companies validate their products and services, refine their market strategy, and scale their operations efficiently.

Our Approach

Conscious Customers

Increased customer expectations, driven by desire for better, cheaper, and cleaner resources.

Agile Supply Chains

Redesign of supply chains to deliver greater efficiencies, access, and assurance.

Mass Digitalization

Digitalization of business processes for improved efficiency, information, and outcomes.

Resource Efficiency

Shifts in resource production to access more sustainable, superior inputs.

Our investment teams are deeply immersed in their respective industries, enabling them to pinpoint unique opportunities that intersect our sectors of focus.

Cross-Sector Investment Themes

These overarching investment themes reflect our perspective on shared developments and transformational potential across our sectors of focus, which we believe will improve systems and foster positive outcomes for our planet and human health.


Over the past decade, there has been a surge in interest and discussion surrounding carbon markets, indicating strong potential for a global, efficient market for carbon and emissions. However, scrutiny of carbon market practices and related climate impact has intensified. We believe continued maturation depends on effectively addressing three primary challenges to market scale: transparency, standardization and incentives.



We take a systems-based and diversified investment approach across our core sectors, guided by the following investment principles.

  • Economic viability: We assess the economics of a potential investment’s offerings to ensure an ability to generate sustainable, profitable returns. 

  • Strategic customer validation: We seek endorsement from key customers in our sectors, confirming the value and potential of a product or service.

  • Operates within large, growing TAM: We evaluate opportunities that serve a sizable and expanding addressable market with positioning for long-term growth.

  • Defensible market position: We examine the degree of competitive advantage a company holds - via unique IP or otherwise - to retain share upon growth.

  • Needs S2G’s experience and platform to fuel growth: We determine the extent to which we can leverage our platform to play an active role in company growth. 

  • Ability to generate sizable systems change at scale: We investigate the potential investment's capacity to drive significant, positive outcomes over time.

  • Multiple, demonstrated paths to exit: We prioritize investments with defined precursors to exit, with numerous possible private or public exit outcomes upon scale.

Investment Criteria


Electra was featured in this article addressing the decarbonization of the steel industry and Electra's unique process.


Fast Company

Matt Rogers is bringing lessons from Apple and Nest to the climate-change problem hiding in your kitchen.



S2G’s Frank O’Sullivan, along with other entrepreneurs and investors including Matt Rogers of S2G portfolio company Mill, offered their thoughts on the climate tech funding landscape and the difficulties companies face as they aim to scale their solutions.


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Managing Director, Energy

Managing Director, Food and Agriculture

Managing Director, Oceans

Managing Director, Energy

Managing Director, Oceans

Managing Director, Food and Agriculture

Driven by industry domain knowledge and a research-driven mindset, we consistently challenge ourselves to explore innovative approaches to support management teams and entrepreneurs.


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