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Food and Agriculture

We invest holistically across the food system in market-based solutions that help improve environmental and human health outcomes.

In light of shifting consumer preferences, the depletion of natural resources and increased occurrence of extreme weather events, we believe there is an enormous opportunity to drive economic value creation by investing in the transition to a system that provides healthier food and restores the environment rather than harming it.

Our Approach

Consumer Brands

Consumers are increasingly choosing foods based on taste, quality, nutritional benefits and environmental footprint, establishing a market for clean, functional and traceable ingredients.

Food as Health

Our intake of food and nutrients is a critical driver of individual and population health and a key input to the healthcare system. Investing in solutions that sit at the nexus of food, healthcare, and technology provides emerging opportunities for new innovations to improve human health.

Resilient Supply Chains

Food & agriculture supply chains are facing macro and environmental disruptions. Retailers and distributors now favor products that can weather shocks and consistently meet demand, creating opportunities for novel production systems.

Financial Technology and Services

We invest in financial technology and services that benefit farmers by alleviating agriculture-specific risk factors associated with technology adoption, climate change, and practice transitions.


Despite being one of the least digitized sectors, the food & agriculture industry has experienced a rapid rate of digital adoption across the value chain. New tools are generating unprecedented amounts of data, while companies work to remove silos and build the analytical capabilities to drive value for farmers.

Agriculture Technology and Products

Technology-enabled solutions present opportunities to achieve better outcomes for farmers and the downstream supply chain. These ag tech-oriented innovations help pave the way for increased efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

With a decade-long track record of providing partnership and guidance, we glean insights and apply learnings that help break down industry siloes and find the economic case for sustainable solutions. 

Investment Themes


Elena Sukacheva, CEO of UCAN, talks about the metabolic health benefits of the company’s unique carbohydrate formulation and products, its founding story, how UCAN energizes amateur and professional athletes, and much more.


Charlie Andersen, Co-Founder and CEO of Burro, talks about how the company's namesake autonomous vehicles are streamlining growers' workflows, alleviating labor pain points and carbon-heavy vehicle usage, and positioning robotics to complement agriculture practices and many other industries in the future.


Poornima Parameswaran, PhD, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Trace Genomics, sat down with us for this Entrepreneur Spotlight to discuss the current headwinds and environmental challenges in the ag sector and the three initiatives the company has implemented to address these challenges, leveraging data-backed solutions for a healthier ag system.

Hear from our portfolio company leaders, who are rapidly scaling climate and human health solutions and igniting system-wide change across the global economy.

Company Stories

Matthew Walker, Managing Director at S2G Ventures, assesses the emerging opportunities at the intersection of the food and healthcare sectors, touching on why the status quo is due for a change, the extraordinary costs of US healthcare, and the economic benefits of aligning food with healthcare.



Fast Company

Matt Rogers is bringing lessons from Apple and Nest to the climate-change problem hiding in your kitchen.


Shiru News

Shiru’s marketplace,, lets anyone search, discover, test, and buy proteins for food, agriculture, personal care, and advanced materials applications.



The new facility in Seattle will help support the company’s distribution to coffee shops nationwide.


Latest News

Managing Director, Food and Agriculture

Managing Director, Food and Agriculture

Principal, Food and Agriculture

The team convenes experts within food and finance to apply learnings from decades of sector investing and operating experience, from early-stage through growth.


* Flashfood Data, as of 1/1/2024

** Builders Vision Impact Report, as of 10/17/2023, includes S2G portfolio data

*** Clear Frontier Data, as of 3/8/2024

Interested in learning more about how we're investing in our sectors of focus?

Impact to Date


acres converted to organic by Clear Frontier***


pounds of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer avoided by Farmer Focus**


pounds of food waste diverted from landfills by Flashfood*

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