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About Us

Our Mission

S2G Ventures is dedicated to investing in a more humane and healthy planet.

We believe that markets can and should benefit society and the environment, and we partner with trailblazing entrepreneurs who are building innovative market-based solutions to address some of our world’s greatest challenges across the food, agriculture, oceans, and clean energy markets.

There is a tremendous opportunity in the market for impact investing.  We have the privilege of managing capital to really make a difference in the world. 

Investing for meaningful impact and returns

Our strategy reflects a growing appetite for impact investment that combines financial returns with positive long-term social and environmental outcomes. We're building a multi-asset platform designed to stand the test of time and bring urgently needed change on a scalable level.

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Systems Investing

We look beyond the investment opportunity in front of us to understand how it fits into the broader value chain. By focusing on the entire food, oceans, and energy supply chains, we are able to construct a portfolio that sees the bigger environmental and financial system impact and synergies. This approach gives us an edge in the market and industry insights others may not see.

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Long Term Investments & Flexible Capital

This is a marathon, not a sprint. We invest in high-potential companies at various stages of maturity - from seed to growth stage - and offer flexible solutions including debt and infrastructure capital.  Through a set of flexible tools, we think creatively to be the best capital partner for our companies.

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Value-Added Partners

We don’t just write checks. We work to be a value-added partner to our portfolio companies.  We strive to be entrepreneurial-focused, and provide resources and relationships that help them push through challenges so their big ideas can go from seed to growth.

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Builders Vision Impact Platform

As the direct investing team for Builders Vision, S2G Ventures collaborates with the Builders Initiative and Builders Asset Management teams to create a highly distinctive set of relationships, capabilities and capital formation options that have the potential to open new channels for impact.


Want to learn more?  Read our perspectives on the future of food, oceans, and clean energy.

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