About Us

Our mission is to back the best entrepreneurs that are improving the overall health and sustainability of the food system.

A Humane and Healthy Planet

In light of evolving consumer behaviors and preferences, dwindling natural resources and urbanization, and the fragility of our supply chains, one thing is clear: meeting the needs of future generations will require a drastic shift in the way we approach food. 

At S2G Ventures, we believe a healthier food system is the under-recognized solution to critical global challenges like climate change, healthcare and nutrition. Food should be produced in a way that considers human and environmental health just as much as taste and profit – and we back trailblazing entrepreneurs with the big ideas to help make that dream a reality. Together, we’re harnessing the power of food innovation to create better outcomes for people and the planet.


All people deserve access to healthy and safe food.

As we look towards the future of our food system, it is our aim to find solutions that make healthy food cost effective and accessible for all consumers.  There are three key components to this vision - meeting the demand for healthy food, reducing costs, improving the safety and transparency of our food system and supporting workers fairly across all stages of the value chain.


We have a unique opportunity to produce food that improves the environment.

We invest in companies that are reducing the use of harmful pesticides, improving soil quality, sequestering carbon and reducing the environmental impact of animal food production by offering new and improved alternatives including grass-fed beef, alternative proteins, and cell-based meat. 


Good food leads to healthier and happier people.

Numerous scientific studies have linked poor diets to various chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Our current food system offers an abundance of cheap calories leading to a health crisis with over 70% of American adults being classified as obese and more than 100 million adults falling under a pre-diabetic classification. We believe that our future food system can not only reverse this health crisis but offer an alternative approach to improve human health and wellbeing.

“We know doing well and doing good isn’t just possible – it’s the only way to be competitive in the future. Because ultimately, healthy people and a healthy planet will lend itself to a healthy profit.”

- Chuck Templeton, Managing Director


Systems Investing

We look beyond the investment opportunity in front of us to understand how an investment fits into the broader value chain.  By focusing on the entire food supply chain, from how products are grown to the ingredients in our food to how consumer behavior is changing, we are able to construct a portfolio that sees the bigger picture environmental and financial system impact and synergies. This approach gives us an edge in the market and industry insights others may not see.

Long Term / Multi-Stage Investments

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Which is why we invest in high-potential start-ups at various stages of maturity - from seed to growth stage.  We work collaboratively with our entrepreneurs to build their businesses for the long-term. 

Value-Added Partners

We don’t just write checks. We work to be value-added partners to our portfolio companies.  We strive to be entrepreneurial-focused, and provide resources and relationships that help them push through challenges every day in the lab, the field, the kitchen, so their ideas can go from seed to growth. 


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