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Special Opportunities

Special Opportunities

S2G provides tailored capital solutions to asset-oriented businesses across three major climate-focused transitions – food and agriculture, oceans, and energy.

Special Opportunities invests across the capital stack through debt, equity, and hybrid instruments. While our investments can vary in structure and risk profile, they incorporate an element of downside protection, often in the form of contracts, cashflows, or collateral.

Our Approach

Hybrid Structures

Encapsulates hybrid financings of debt, equity and investments that are structured to help catalyze capital, providing companies with different pools of financing to grow their businesses.

Structured Equity

Falling between common equity and debt, structured equity investments offer the benefits of traditional equity typically at a lower cost of capital due to additional structuring and risk mitigation.

Project Finance

Asset-level, ringfenced financing allows for non-recourse funding of specific company projects that can be supported by their cash flow.


Special Opportunities’ debt investments provide a non-dilutive capital source with a creative view on collateral that helps enable company growth.

We leverage domain knowledge and structuring expertise to support climate-focused companies building capital-intensive businesses. We focus on offering non-dilutive, asset-backed financing solutions that better align the cost of capital and risk profile.

Investment Tools

We take a systems-based and diversified investment approach across our core sectors, guided by the following investment principles.

  • Asset orientation: We underwrite assets in the form of cash flows, contracts, or infrastructure to ringfence risk and create value for investors, and in return, we offer companies a competitive cost of capital.

  • Path to recovery value in downside scenario: We underwrite a return of invested capital in a downside scenario, placing emphasis on cash flow visibility, collateral, and creative structuring to manage risk.

  • Asymmetric risk/return profiles: We like opportunities that balance downside risk with potential upside, and use creative structuring to support risk-adjusted growth.

  • Limited technology risk: We invest in businesses as assets are deployed and as such, we take limited fundamental technology risk.

  • Multiple pathways to exit: We prioritize investments that have various viable strategies for successful exit, ensuring liquidity and return on investment.

  • Needs S2G’s experience and platform to fuel growth: We determine if a potential investment would benefit from our sector experience and value-added resources to propel growth.

  • Ability to generate sizable systems change at scale: We investigate the potential investment's capacity to drive significant, positive outcomes over time.

Investment Criteria

S2G's Andrea Woodside and Marisa Sweeney break down what a special opportunity is, the role this type of funding plays in today's financing environment, and who should reach out to them (any asset-oriented climate company) and when (as soon as possible).



Nova Clean Energy News

Located on the Texas Gulf Coast, the portfolio comprises two wind and two solar projects and an adjacent green ammonia development project.


Comfort Connect

The company stated, "We have moved beyond just the service-based model and at our core, we are creating new, stronger, and more stable connections, between both contractor and consumer and between the families that enjoy our worry-free home comfort programs."



S2G is pleased to officially announce the launch of its Special Opportunities fund, providing tailored capital solutions to asset-oriented businesses in our key sectors of focus.


Latest News

Principal, Special Opportunities

Vice President, Special Opportunities

Associate, Special Opportunities

The Special Opportunities fund is led by a multidisciplinary team with significant experience across private market investment structures and climate finance.


Interested in learning more about our Special Opportunities investment strategy?

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