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The S2G Podcast

This is the S2G Podcast, where we talk to business leaders, investors, policymakers, and thought leaders who have a transformative vision for the future. We’ll explore how their experiences and perspectives offer lessons into scaling the food, agriculture, oceans, and energy transitions.


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Diving into the Future of Ocean Intelligence

We're exploring the pivotal role of data to not only protect our ocean but to better leverage its immense potential to foster climate resilience and drive a sustainable marine economy, featuring insights from Kimberly Mathisen, CEO at Hub Ocean, Justin Manley, Senior Advisor at OceanKind, and Zack Baize, Program Manager at NOAA’s Ocean-Based Climate Resilience Accelerator.



Exploring the Paths to Maritime Decarbonization

Jason Giffen from the Port of San Diego, Ingrid Irigoyen from the Aspen Institute, and David Millar of Fugro discuss the current efforts underway to decarbonize the industry and what it will ultimately take to get us there. It’s a fascinating conversation about how collaborative endeavors and visionary solutions are working to decarbonize an extremely complex and behind-the-scenes industry.



Becoming a Category King with the Play Bigger Team

Chuck Templeton sits down with Jason Wellcome and Mike Bruno, advisors at Play Bigger, to discuss the methodology behind category design. The discussion unpacks how companies can shift their thinking from making better products to forging entirely new market categories. This episode offers invaluable perspectives for investors and entrepreneurs keen on leveraging category design to secure a competitive edge.



Adapting to the Future of Work with Rishad Tobaccowala

In this episode, Rishad Tobaccowala, former Chief Growth Officer at Publicis Groupe, and current author, speaker, advisor, and host of the What Next? podcast, offers an incisive look into the evolving nexus of technology and human capital shaping the future of work. This episode is a must-listen for leaders seeking to scale their companies effectively while navigating the dynamic shifts in work environments and trends.



This content is for informational purposes only, should not be taken as legal, business, tax or investment advice, or be used to evaluate any investment or security, and is not directed at any investor or potential investor in any investment vehicle sponsored by S2G Investments, LLC or its affiliates (“S2G Ventures”). Investing involves risk, including the risk of loss. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of S2G Ventures. Specific companies are mentioned herein solely for educational purposes and should not be construed as an endorsement of any particular company or investment. Please note that S2G Ventures may maintain investments in the companies mentioned herein.


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