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We invest in the transition of the existing blue economy to an improved system that supports positive climate outcomes and market-rate financial returns.

Despite the global influence that oceans have on all major economies and industries, they have been an area of underinvestment. But the paradigm is changing. 

Our Approach

Blue Foods

Resource scarcity, warming seas and a growing population and middle class will continue to drive demand for sustainable seafood and alternative choices while ensuring a vibrant and sustainable wild ocean ecosystem.

Blue Biotech and Materials

We have discovered only a fraction of the materials and molecules in the ocean with transformative potential for human and planetary health. Sustainable exploration and harvesting of ocean materials is an opportunity space with exponential potential.

Ocean Intelligence

Advancements in digital, data-driven technologies are enabling the transformation of the existing blue economy. Examples of enabling technologies include earth observation, software, sensing, data integration and predictive analytics.


Industry and government efforts to decarbonize the global economy will have a profound effect on intensive industries that operate on the ocean as well as the ocean itself as the largest carbon sink.

We believe that the oceans sector is in the renaissance period of innovation, presenting extensive investable opportunities that have the potential to drive outsized change across the interconnected global economy.



Monica Talbert, Co-Founder and CEO of The Plant Based Seafood Company, makers of Mind Blown alternative seafood products, talks about the company's passion for seafood and to alleviate the present-day burden off of our oceans.


In this Entrepreneur Spotlight, Nick Dyner, CEO of Moleaer, discusses how the company's nanobubble technology addresses water challenges in multiple sectors.


Carrie Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Avant, talks about her vision for the blue economy in the future, how Avant's technology is contributing to sustainable seafood production and a healthier ocean ecosystem, and what inspired her to launch the cultivated seafood company.

Hear from our portfolio company leaders, who are scaling climate solutions and igniting system-wide change across the global economy.

Company Stories

Kate Danaher and Larsen Mettler, Managing Directors for the S2G Ventures Oceans strategy, address the breadth of industries that rely on the ocean, the projected growth of the blue economy, and S2G's unique position to take a systemwide approach to ocean investment.



Unseenlabs News

Unseenlabs is expanding its surveillance capabilities to include terrestrial and space environments in addition to maritime with its upcoming constellation.


Ocean Aero News

Aligned with the UAE's vision for technological advancement and innovation, this partnership aims to bolster the nation's maritime capabilities across various sectors, including defense, environmental protection, and offshore industries.


KAS News

S2G led the Series A2 funding round, which will support company plans to reach commercialization this year.


Latest News

Managing Director, Oceans

Managing Director, Oceans

Vice President, Oceans

The team is known for being one of the first in the market and is intently focused on constructing a diversified portfolio with a balanced sector concentration and strong international presence.


* Builders Vision Impact Report, as of 10/17/2023

Interested in learning more about how we're investing in our sectors of focus?

Impact to Date


gallons of water treated daily by Moleaer *


In annual savings from wasted feed avoided by ReelData (per 10,000 MT)*


tons of microplastic diverted from the oceans by Matter filters*

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