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Our Impact

We consider impact as a driver of value creation across our investment process.

At S2G, we believe that solving endemic problems across complex markets like agriculture, oceans and energy requires moving away from siloed approaches toward a model that considers the interconnected, global nature of these systems. 


Our impact strategy offers a unified approach to driving positive, long-term impact on important systemic issues. By embedding impact and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations throughout our investment process, we identify opportunities to add value and avoid or mitigate risk to our companies’ impact and financial performance.

Our Approach to Impact

Screen for alignment to S2G's impact framework


Analyze potential company's impact profile using impact due diligence questions


Articulate company's impact goals and IMM plan, including the reporting schedule


Utilize in-house IMM team, resources, and connections to collect and learn from data on company's impact goals


Position company for continued impact in alignment with industry standards


Note: Decision-making processes and IMM practices may vary

We orient our IMM practices with industry standards and frameworks.

In alignment with industry standards, we collect, synthesize, and interpret impact and ESG data from our portfolio annually to assess contributions toward near-term outcome indicators in each focus area. This involves working with a third-party IMM partner to validate our near-term outcome indicators and verify the indicator data that we report. 


We engage in industry-leading membership groups focused on IMM to stay at the forefront of emerging practices, learn from peers, exchange insights, and contribute to the advancement of the impact investing ecosystem at large.

Industry Standards
& Frameworks

Standard Alignment

Indicator Alignment

Engage in learning and field building through membership in industry-leading associations

NOTE: S2G is not formally a signatory to these standards.

Practice verification: S2G engaged BlueMark to independently verify the alignment of S2G’s impact management system with industry best practices. BlueMark’s assessment findings cover both areas of strength and areas for improvement, as reflected in the Verifier Statement.


Reporting verification: S2G engaged BlueMark to independently assess the completeness and reliability of its external impact reporting based on industry best practices, rooted in market standards and BlueMark’s “Raising the Bar” research initiative. BlueMark’s assessment findings cover both areas of strength and areas for improvement, for the annual reporting period, up to February 2024.

BlueMark is the leading provider of independent impact verification and intelligence for the impact and sustainable investing market.

Organic farm transitions


Clear Frontier is building long-term partnerships that allow farmers to transition to organic farming and scale profitably. 

of Clear Frontier farmland is Certified USDA organic or in transition to organic


of the land is farmed by local farming families

Green hydrogen electrolyzers


Electric Hydrogen is developing low-cost green hydrogen systems to decarbonize hard-to-electro-industrial sections like steel.

79 FTEs
New full-time quality jobs created in 2022 in the renewable energy sector

1.9 GWh

Planned manufacturing capacity of 100MW green hydrogen electrolyzers

Sustainable nanobubble systems


Moleaer's nanobubble generators have benefitted various industries like agriculture and water treatment with oxygenated water

500M+ Gallons/day
Water sustainably treated


Nanobubble systems deployed

We partner with our portfolio to unlock value through strengthened impact approaches.

We aim to help companies set the foundations of a sound impact approach by creating tools and resources that are adaptable to each company’s strategy. Our frameworks help articulate the impact of a company’s product or service, establish indicators or plans for measuring progress toward that impact, and identify the methods and sources for collecting indicator data. 

By asking our portfolio to select impact indicators that will bring the most value to them, we aim to reinforce the link between IMM and strategy, wherein data is an input to inform and improve critical operational decisions.

Impact to Date

Builders Vision Impact Report, as of October 17, 2023

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