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Our team is devoted to understanding and tracking the macro-level trends, market dynamics and new innovations shaping our investment thesis.  We are sharing our data and insights in the hopes that it will inspire you to join us in investing in a healthier and more sustainable food system.


The Future of Food: Through the Lens of Retail

The pandemic of 2020 is shining the brightest of lights on our present day food system and exposing both its resiliency and its vulnerabilities. In our second installment of research focusing on the Future of Food in the Age of Covid, we share our research and perspectives on food, retailing and areas of focus critical for retailers to drive future growth.

Everyone Eats - The Future of Food in the Age of COVID

Our team spent the last three months researching and monitoring the coronavirus situation and trying to understand the impact on the food system. The research ranges from desktop research to monitoring news outlets and speaking to various experts. We spent time speaking with epidemiologists, healthcare professionals, farmers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other investors to gather insights and develop a perspective on the implications of COVID-19 on food and agriculture.


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