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Financing the Transition: From Innovation to Scale

At the 2024 S2G Summit, Sanjeev Krishnan's keynote laid out our view that a successful transition will require operating at the seams between sectors and bringing forward a unique set of four ingredients to bear.


Carbon Markets: Trends, Trials, and Turning Points

Over the past decade, there has been a surge in interest and discussion surrounding carbon markets, indicating strong potential for a global, efficient market for carbon and emissions. However, scrutiny of carbon market practices and related climate impact has intensified. We believe continued maturation depends on effectively addressing three primary challenges to market scale: transparency, standardization and incentives.


The Missing Middle: Capital Imbalances in the Energy Transition

Achieving real progress on decarbonization requires a massive acceleration in capital deployment over the next decade. While the aggregate capital committed to the energy transition today appears impressive, much of this is not aligned to where the market’s funding needs are most pressing. Fundamental changes need to happen to close the capital gap, help companies scale and de-risk, and bring the clean energy transition to fruition.


Trends Shaping the Future of Food in 2023

The fate of our global food system requires a shift to working with nature instead of against it, leveraging the power of science, technology, and entrepreneurship to move forward. In this report, we explore trends driving the evolution to a climate-smart, healthy food system, including updates to several trends included in our 2022 analysis as well as new emerging themes.


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