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Trends Shaping the Future of Food in 2023

Trends Shaping the Future of Food in 2023


The future of food is being propelled by seismic tailwinds: massive demographic change spurring new consumer demand, significant advancements in the biology, chemistry and physics of food production to create new choices, and sustainability-minded investors are fueling a desire across capital markets to fund high-growth, disruptive companies.

At the same time, due to changing externalities, the risks inherent in our food system are increasing and getting more entangled. If left unchecked, these risks will intensify. In response, stakeholders across the food system are working toward new solutions. Agriculture is transitioning to a system that is less extractive and more regenerative. Supply chains must become more resilient to support food security. Food is heading towards what consumers want - nutritious, more affordable products with better flavor.

As investors across the food, oceans, and energy sectors, we see numerous intersection points where innovations in one industry can create cross-sector opportunities. By highlighting these instances, we hope to show the interconnectedness of these sectors and advocate for a more holistic approach to systems transformation.

This report explores ten trends driving the evolution to a climate-smart, healthy food system, including updates to several trends from our 2022 analysis as well as new emerging themes.



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