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On June 18, 2024, the Unlocking Solutions Dinner - hosted by Fin-Erth, Cartier, and S2G Ventures - brought together 40 leading women in finance, industry, and innovation to share in a meal, discuss climate solutions, and identify ways of supporting one another.

This unique gathering was not merely a dinner or a conference but a curated community event tailored to foster trust, expand perspectives, and encourage collaboration. Each woman shared her unique perspective on climate action, detailing her professional endeavors and the personal journeys that led her to this table. These stories served as power calls to action - highlighting the specific areas where participants needed support to advance their climate initiatives further or where others could be helpful.

Reflections and Insights

The event underscored the critical role of community in driving meaningful change within the climate sector. Participants recognized the importance of expanding networks and forging meaningful connections to amplify their efforts. Over 55 requests and far more offers of support were made among the attendees, demonstrating a collective commitment to advancing climate solutions through shared resources and expertise.

At S2G Ventures, we have always believed in the power of industry engagement and cross-sector collaboration. Hosting this dinner was a testament to our dedication to community and to expanding and supporting new networks. It was truly memorable to see personal interests and professional purposes align in such a profound way.

Importance of Community

By uniting a diverse group meaningfully, remarkable results can be sparked. The majority of women participating were new faces to one another, yet the Fin-Erth team's thoughtful placement of interests and sectors at the tables resonated in the experience. Despite being strangers initially, a strong sense of camaraderie and common goals permeated the room, fostering a fertile environment for potential collaborations. Strong communities propel individuals to succeed in ways they cannot, or perhaps could not do as quickly, on their own.

Power of Collaboration

Collaboration isn't just a buzzword; we believe it's a necessity. Broadening networks and forging valuable connections are vital for unlocking creative climate solutions and emphasizing the significance of collaboration over rivalry. The challenges and implications are too substantial to tackle solo. The 55 requests and appeals made during the dinner serve as evidence of the cooperative ethos fostered by the event.

Significance of Place

Hosting the inaugural Unlocking Solutions dinner in Chicago held special significance for me as a lifelong resident, especially as it took place at our headquarters in the very neighborhood where S2G was founded ten years ago. The city is often overshadowed as a hub for climate discussions and convenings, although it did launch its first-ever Climate Week in 2023, and we look forward to 2024. Chicago, coined the “City of Big Shoulders” by Carl Sandberg for its hardworking industrial hub, is indeed the place for climate solutions to be the topic of discussion – after all, industry collaboration is essential for identifying the solutions. From airlines and insurance to freight and packaging, and from finance and food to hardware and medicine, all were present in the discussions and business unfolding right here in Chicago.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, Fin-Erth and Cartier, for making this event possible. Fin-Erth’s leadership, paired with Cartier’s support and shared vision for climate action, were instrumental in creating a space where meaningful dialogue and collaboration could thrive. We look forward to future partnerships and continuing to work together to unlock more climate solutions.

The Unlocking Solutions Dinner was a powerful reminder of what can be achieved when passionate and dedicated individuals come together with a common goal. The conversations, connections, and commitments made during this event are just the beginning. We are excited to see the innovative solutions and collaborative efforts that will emerge from this gathering.

If you are as inspired as we are and want to be part of this movement, consider becoming part of our network. Together, we can drive impactful change and create a sustainable future for all.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Let's continue to unlock solutions and make a difference.

Photo credits: Meagan Shuptar


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Celebrating Community: Perspectives from Chicago’s Unlocking Solutions Dinner

Celebrating Community: Perspectives from Chicago’s Unlocking Solutions Dinner


Jessica Murphy

Vice President, Community

Jessica Murphy is a Vice President on the Acceleration Platform team. Jessica is responsible for leading the development and execution of community strategies and initiatives including events and programming, business development, and partnerships. With over 12 years of experience in venture capital and private equity, Jessica has been with the firm since its inception.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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Celebrating Community: Perspectives from Chicago’s Unlocking Solutions Dinner

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