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Sector Specialization and Systems-Level Investing with Sanjeev Krishnan

Sector Specialization and Systems-Level Investing with Sanjeev Krishnan


In this episode, Sanjeev Krishnan, co-founder and managing partner of S2G Ventures, takes us through his career path from investing in telecom in emerging markets to building out a life sciences investment group at the IFC, the early days of energy environmental investing, his decision to home in on food and agriculture, and finally to his journey with S2G. 

Sanjeev shares learnings critical for anyone investing or innovating in tough tech sectors, including his framework for using capital markets to transform industries, his approach to systems thinking and the power of specialization, and the importance of bringing value beyond capital. From his wealth of experiences to the Sanjeevisms that have permeated our vernacular, Sanjeev has been a spirited and thoughtful leader since day one at S2G, and we are excited to share this conversation with you.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Specialization: Sanjeev underscores his belief in the importance of industry specialization. By deeply understanding the nuances of a specific sector, he believes investors and entrepreneurs can uncover unique opportunities for innovation and growth.

  2. Innovative Business Models: Sanjeev shares examples from his past that illustrate how rethinking traditional ways of doing business can lead to profitable ventures that also contribute positively to people's lives and the planet.

  3. Capital Markets: Sanjeev advocates for a capital market system tailored to the unique financial needs of sectors undergoing significant changes.

  4. Consumer Demand: The rising influence of Millennials and Gen Z consumers, who prioritize sustainability and social impact, creates a growing demand for aligned products and services. Sanjeev discusses his perspective that aligning company values with those of conscious consumers can drive substantial market growth.

  5. Systems Thinking: Sanjeev discusses how the interconnectedness of various sectors presents unique challenges and opportunities for innovation. Systems thinking, which focuses on the 'seams' between sectors, encourages a holistic view of industries, where understanding the broader ecosystem and leveraging partnerships can lead to groundbreaking solutions.

Sector Specialization and Systems-Level Investing with Sanjeev Krishnan
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Josie Lane

Art Director


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