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Reflections on AgTech: Robotics, Digitization, and Alternative Inputs

Reflections on AgTech: Robotics, Digitization, and Alternative Inputs


Last year, we published a report entitled "Trends Shaping the Future of Food in 2023." It turns out 2023 was quite the year with many market, geopolitical, and policy twists and turns. In this episode, we check in with S2G team members who contributed to the report to get their take on how these trends are evolving in 2024. We interview Arthur Chow about robotics, Cristina Rohr about digital agtech, and Matt Walker about alternative crop inputs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Agriculture Robotics: Agriculture robotics companies are making substantial strides in delivering on promises and expanding their offerings. The shift towards platform solutions, as well as partnerships that enable robotics-as-a-service models, are reducing some of the barriers to adoption.

  • Integrated Digital Ag Tech Solutions: The integration of digital agriculture solutions is enabling companies to quantify the cross-value chain benefits of climate-smart agriculture. Strategic partnerships and robust data infrastructure are pivotal in fostering adoption and optimizing environmental and economic outcomes.

  • Rising Demand for Alternative Input Solutions: The demand for alternative input solutions, such as biologicals, is on the rise, driven by market shifts away from traditional chemicals and consumer preferences for environmentally friendly options. Companies are focused on substantiating the efficacy of these solutions while integrating them seamlessly into existing farming systems.

Listen to part two of this series, where we reflect on food as health, cultivated protein, and supply chains.

Reflections on AgTech: Robotics, Digitization, and Alternative Inputs
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Josie Lane

Art Director


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