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Becoming a Category King with the Play Bigger Team

Becoming a Category King with the Play Bigger Team


Chuck Templeton sits down with Jason Wellcome and Mike Bruno, advisors at Play Bigger, to discuss the methodology behind category design. The discussion unpacks how companies can shift their thinking from making better products to forging entirely new market categories, drawing on illustrative examples like Qualtrics' evolution from survey tools to experience management platforms. Jason and Mike delve into the strategic methodologies that enable businesses to identify unique problems, achieve "Category King" status, and ultimately drive unprecedented growth and market leadership. This episode offers invaluable perspectives for investors and entrepreneurs keen on leveraging category design to secure a competitive edge.

Key Topics:

  1. Strategic Problem Identification: The Play Bigger team emphasizes the importance of pinpointing unique, high-impact problems that consumers often overlook. This critical step lays the foundation for creating a new market category, setting pioneers apart from competitors focused merely on iterative improvements.

  2. Comprehensive Category Blueprint: Establishing a new category necessitates a detailed blueprint that ensures both customers and competitors grasp the full scope and transformative potential of the new category, fostering wider market adoption.

  3. Economic Advantage of Category Leadership: Leading a new market category offers substantial economic benefits, with "Category Kings" capturing up to 76% of the category's total value. This highlights the financial incentives of innovation-driven leadership over competing in established markets.

  4. Innovative Taxonomy and Naming: Effective category design involves crafting a distinct language and taxonomy. This effort not only differentiates the new category but also educates the market.

  5. Iterative Validation and Organizational Alignment: The journey of category design is iterative, requiring ongoing validation and alignment within the organization. By engaging leadership and synchronizing efforts across all departments, companies can ensure cohesive execution and maximize their chances of achieving market success.


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Becoming a Category King with the Play Bigger Team
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