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From Need Identification to a Novel Product with Andrey Zarur of GreenLight Biosciences

From Need Identification to a Novel Product with Andrey Zarur of GreenLight Biosciences


In this episode, we dive into the entrepreneur and investor journey that has led to the first EPA-approved RNA crop protection production and created a paradigm shift for the industry. Chuck Templeton chats with both GreenLight Biosciences CEO Andrey Zarur and S2G Managing Director Matt Walker, who has been working with Andrey and the GreenLight team for many years, about the company’s journey from defining a pressing need to designing a solution and bringing their first product in the market. There are so many hurdles to establishing a new product category, from developing the technology to working through long regulatory processes and then finally getting customers to adopt a novel product. This conversation is a great listen for anyone working to create or invest in category-defining technologies.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Identifying a Genuine Problem: Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of creating solutions in search of problems. GreenLight’s trajectory underscores the importance of starting with a specific, pressing issue and designing targeted solutions.

  2. Understanding Your Customer Base: Success in any industry hinges on an entrepreneur's ability to comprehend the needs, challenges, and preferences of their customers. GreenLight’s commitment to listening and adapting to feedback from farmers was pivotal in refining its products for successful adoption.

  3. Navigating Regulatory Landscapes: Investors and entrepreneurs alike must account for the time and uncertainty inherent in obtaining regulatory approvals. Andrey shares how engaging with regulatory bodies ended up being an opportunity for collaboration and learning rather than a mere obstacle.

  4. Evolving with a Purpose-Driven Team: As companies transition through various development stages, the importance of assembling a capable, diverse team aligned with the company’s mission cannot be overstated. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to reassess roles, delegate effectively, and ensure that every team member is passionate about the collective goals.

  5. Building out Growth Opportunities: GreenLight is dedicated to tackling larger agricultural problems and ensuring their breakthrough technologies are accessible to small landowners worldwide.


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From Need Identification to a Novel Product with Andrey Zarur of GreenLight Biosciences
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