Oceans and Seafood

S2G’s growing portfolio of companies are building scalable solutions for a more sustainable and resilient ocean ecosystem. 

Our Approach

We invest in solutions that build ecosystem resilience, optimize the use of ocean resources, and meet consumer demand for humane and healthy food choices.

We believe that investing globally across these pillars will drive systemic changes to improve the trajectory of ocean health, climate resilience and food security, while generating above average financial returns. 


Advancing Nanobubble Technology


The brain of land-based aquaculture


Delivering the power of RNA therapeutics to aquaculture


We are inspired to see a wave of technologies and innovations under development by industry leaders who are dedicating their time and talent to regenerate our fragile oceans.  Our Managing Director Larsen Mettler discusses the areas we are excited to invest in. 

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S2G Oceans: A Conversation on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Introducing S2G Oceans

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S2G Ventures Launches Oceans and Seafood Strategy and Team


Our portfolio companies are growing and looking for talented and passionate team members to join them.