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Financing the Transition: From Innovation to Scale

Financing the Transition: From Innovation to Scale



Rethinking Our Food & Ag Systems


S2G Summit: Bringing Together Our Community Around a Shared Vision


Tailwinds for Ocean Investment Opportunities


4 Ingredients for Financing the Transition

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Watch Sanjeev Krishnan's keynote at the 2024 S2G Summit, where he laid out our view that a successful transition will require operating at the seams between the food and agriculture, oceans, and energy sectors and bringing forward a unique set of four ingredients to bear. In light of macroeconomic, geopolitical, and demographic trends, we believe we have the opportunity to create a 21st century commodity system that is more efficient, more affordable, less volatile, and more resilient to external shocks.

Download the slides from Sanjeev's presentation.

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