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Seeding Change

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2023 S2G Summit: The Anthropology of Market Change

The summit brought together over 400 individuals across our network for in-depth discussions on The Anthropology of Market Change.



Breaking Down Biologicals: A Look at the Definitions, Markets, and Barriers to Adoption

In our first installment of our biologicals series, we lay the groundwork by looking at what biologicals are and how they are used today.


Combating Disease in Aquaculture with ViAqua

We are excited to partner with ViAqua to transform aquaculture disease management and contribute to a more sustainable aquaculture sector.


Welcome TechMet: Building the Critical Metals Supply Chain for the Energy Transition

We are thrilled to invest in TechMet, as it builds a platform to produce, manufacture and recycle critical for the energy transition.


Financing Pathways for Climate Tech: The Role of Alternative Financing

In Part 2 of our Financing Pathways series, we examine when companies should look into non-dilutive capital, such as with climate tech.


Spirited Partnership to Support the Net Zero Transition

The net zero transition will require bespoke, multi-party solutions among corporates, policymakers, innovators, academics, and financiers.


Investing and Innovating in an Age of Black Swans

S2G's Chuck Templeton shares how businesses can minimize vulnerability to black swan events and his optimism for today's entrepreneurs.


Financing Pathways for Climate Tech: Looking Beyond Corporate Equity

As an alternative to equity financing, “non-dilutive” capital provides financing without reducing equity ownership.


Pervasive and Persistent Ocean Data with Apeiron Labs

We're excited to invest in Apeiron Labs, which is scaling upper ocean observation to transform our understanding of the state of our oceans.


Welcome Omeat: A Fresh Take on Cultivated Meat Production

We are excited to share our investment in Omeat as the company comes out of stealth mode to make cultivated meat more affordable and humane.


Assessing the Current and Future State of Agricultural Biologics at the First Biological Summit

There were many enlightening perspectives from different angles offered at the summit, with a call for collaboration repeatedly mentioned.




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Interested in joining the conversation? We'd love to hear from you.

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