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At S2G, we are incredibly inspired by the work Jose Andres is doing through his World Central Kitchen organization to feed global communities in the greatest need. With the coronavirus spreading, he has once again taken a leadership role to provide teams on the ground feeding thousands of people and offering strategic advice on what our government should do to prevent a food crisis. Chef Andres has inspired our team to look for ways we can contribute - both in small ways by supporting local restaurants to bigger opportunities to reach more people in need through our portfolio companies.

We are proud to work with over 45 fantastic companies ranging from farmers and agriculture suppliers to consumer-facing brands and restaurants. They are on the forefront of innovation, bringing new ideas and solutions to solve some of the biggest challenges we face as a society - reversing agriculture's contribution to climate change, meeting the growing demands for food in a world affected by climate change, and combating chronic disease and rising healthcare costs by bringing healthier food to more people. Now they are bringing out-of-the-box thinking to tackling hardships posed by coronavirus in the communities in which they serve.

Back to the Roots is sending out free organic gardening kits and STEM curriculums to out-of-school educators and parents who are in need of ways to support continued learning while schools are closed.

Sweetgreen is setting up outposts in hospitals where they are delivering free meals to hospital workers and medical personnel.

Maple Hill Creamery has partnered with New York State’s Department of Agriculture and Markets and the non-profit Feeding America to distribute 200,000 cartons of grass-fed organic milk and yogurt to residents in need.

Shenandoah Valley Organic is known for being one of the best employers in their region, offering highly competitive salaries and safer working conditions than traditional chicken farms. They are taking additional steps to support employees at this time by giving away free chicken to employees.

Everytable is not only feeding thousands of LA residents in greatest need, but is implementing creative solutions to help those at greatest risk. They have set up a hotline to service everyone from seniors who need food brought to their homes to school districts feeding students who would normally receive school lunches.

Once Upon a Farm donated to Save the Children and the #savewithstories campaign to ensure kids across the US are getting the meals they rely on.

That’s Tasty, creating a safe working environment for employees and working hard to continue to bring community grocers safe produce and herbs.

UCAN, a company that offers energy products with slow-releasing carbohydrates, works with several athlete ambassadors who they cheer on as they run marathons, finish Ironman triathlons, and podium at major events. These SuperStars rely on UCAN products as a fuel for their athletic pursuits and UCAN has celebrated them with pride. Today, UCAN celebrates them for the pivotal role they play as professionals trying to brunt the impact of this pandemic. They're doctors and nurses working 20-hour shifts; teachers navigating a new normal of instruction; firefighters, and EMS officers rescuing the sick; doctoral students and professors whose research and wisdom we count on to achieve breakthroughs and transform concepts to tangible solutions. Now with gratitude in their hearts, UCAN recognizes them as the SuperStars who shine through selflessly in everything that they do. In recognition of their efforts on the front lines, UCAN and their shareholders sent out care packages to these SuperStars containing non-perishable UCAN CARE packages of products to help provide them a reservoir of energy to take on the intensity of the task at hand.

In addition, as a way to promote health and fitness to their community, UCAN hosted a live Instagram workout on Friday, March 27 with American Ninja Warrior athlete & Personal Trainer Chris Porier Kim. This high-intensity, bodyweight workout required no equipment and could easily be modified based on fitness level, making it a fun and inclusive activity for all! 210 total attendees joined UCAN on Instagram, with around 70 people logged in for the entire workout. UCAN is launching a 4-week workout series with Chris to take place every Friday night in April. The event is open to everyone and we encourage you to join the UCAN team on Instagram as they help their employees, families and community have fun, stay healthy and get fit!

Portfolio Company Response to COVID-19

Portfolio Company Response to COVID-19


Jessica Murphy

Vice President, Community

Jessica Murphy is the Vice President, Community at S2G Ventures where she leads business development initiatives on behalf of S2G including branding, marketing, communications, event production, and partnerships. Jessica has been with the firm since its inception and brings over 10 years’ experience in venture capital, private equity and premium industry events. Jessica is passionate about the power of private market conveners, supporting entrepreneurs, and the role of community to accelerate impact and scale across the S2G portfolio and broader food, agriculture, and oceans sectors.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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