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Today our portfolio company, GreenLight Biosciences Holdings, PBC, began trading on The Nasdaq under the new ticker symbol “GRNA” following the approval of their business combination with Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp. (“ENVI”), a special purpose acquisition company in the sustainability space. I am thrilled to see GreenLight achieve this exciting milestone, which supports the company in its mission to transform human and planetary health through efficient and affordable RNA production.

GreenLight’s RNA-based technologies are poised to make a profound impact on plant, human, and animal health. In agriculture, GreenLight’s solutions kill pests without off-target effects on beneficial species or plants, allowing for crop protection that doesn’t harm the broader environment and pollinators. I firmly believe that GreenLight’s approach is the future of crop protection and will replace many chemical-based applications on the farm. Likewise, in human health, GreenLight’s quality and low cost of production are the keys to democratizing access to a range of human health interventions, including vaccines and therapeutics.

It has been and continues to be an honor to partner with CEO Andrey Zarur and the team at GreenLight from our first investment in 2017 through to today as they enter the public markets. I am excited for GreenLight’s future and look forward to seeing the team continue to improve the health of the planet.

To learn more about how Greenlight is developing breakthrough RNA solutions across agriculture and human health markets check out our recent article on the company as well as our podcast interview with Andrey Zarur, Greenlight’s founder and CEO.

GreenLight Biosciences Begins Trading Following Merger with SPAC

GreenLight Biosciences Begins Trading Following Merger with SPAC


Matthew Walker

Managing Director

Matthew Walker has over 10 years of experience in venture capital, investment banking and securities law. As Managing Director, Matthew’s efforts are focused on making investments, managing portfolio companies, and serving on various portfolio company boards. Matthew is interested in all things food and ag, with a particular interest in alternative protein, the intersection of food and health, supply chain technologies, and financial services.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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