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I am thrilled to return to Natural Products Expo West this March. This event is a unique opportunity for the natural and organic community to gather, hear from change-making industry leaders and sample the latest products from innovative brands. After missing this event the past two years due to covid, it is even more exciting to return to Anaheim in less than two weeks!

We are also excited to see some of our portfolio companies while we are there and encourage you to connect with them too. You can find them here:

Once Upon a Farm

BOOTH #5172

Farmer Jen’s Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookie blend has been selected by New Hope Network as a NEXTY Awards finalist in the “Best New People-Forward Product” category. You can come see Once Upon a Farm Co-founders Jennifer Garner and Cassandra Curtis speaking on a panel “Raising the Standard: Clean, Healthy Nutrition for All Kids” on Friday March 11 at 11:00 am in the Marriott, Marquis Ballroom Center.


Farmer Focus

BOOTH #2588

Farmer Focus’ Organic Peruvian Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast is a finalist for NEXTY’s best new meat, dairy or animal based products. Farmer Focus was founded with the question “What can we do to improve generational family farming?” They work hard raising happy, healthy, 100% organic flocks. Stop by the Farmer Focus booth to meet generational family farmers and taste the difference for yourself.


Kuli Kuli

BOOTH #N1636

Kuli Kuli will be showcasing their newest product: SuperGummies. These chewy superfood gummies taste like candy, but deliver powerful doses of superfoods: moringa, chaga and turmeric. SuperGummies come in three delicious flavors: Green Apple SuperGreens, Berry Chaga, and Lemon Turmeric.


LiveKindly Collective

BOOTH #N1907

LiveKindly Collective will be showcasing a number of plant-based companies in the Collective portfolio. They will be hosting a LikeMeat Happy Hour at the booth on Thursday, March 10th from 3:30-5:30 PST.


Ripple Foods

Booths #N646, N649

Ripple Foods will be showcasing their milk products and protein shakes including Ripple Kids and soft-serve Ripple ice cream. Stop by and taste dairy-free as it should be. Plus, we can all use a little ice cream without compromise. Yes, it is that delicious.


If you are planning to be at Expo West, our team would love to meet you. I will be attending with Chuck Templeton, Walter Robb, Tonya Bakritzes, Arthur Chow and Sumeeta Salvador. Drop us a message at and we will coordinate a meeting time.

See you in Anaheim!

Expo West is Back!

Expo West is Back!


Jessica Murphy

Vice President, Community

Jessica Murphy is the Vice President, Community at S2G Ventures where she leads business development initiatives on behalf of S2G including branding, marketing, communications, event production, and partnerships. Jessica has been with the firm since its inception and brings over 10 years’ experience in venture capital, private equity and premium industry events. Jessica is passionate about the power of private market conveners, supporting entrepreneurs, and the role of community to accelerate impact and scale across the S2G portfolio and broader food, agriculture, and oceans sectors.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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