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We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new team and $300 million clean energy investment platform. Stephan Feilhauer and Francis O'Sullivan have joined as Managing Directors to oversee this new energy strategy, while Andrea Woodside has joined as Vice President, Real Assets to support investments across all of S2G Ventures’ themes, including energy, food, agriculture, and oceans.

Our Clean Energy Investment Platform

The energy transition, which has attracted over $4 trillion of capital since 2004, accelerated renewable energy from a marginal to meaningful role in the future of electricity generation. However, to fully mainstream its role in our 21st economy, there needs to be more flexible and creative capital to meet the needs of an increasingly complex and integrated energy future - powering transportation, industry and other sectors in new and nuanced market structures.

Stephan Feilhauer and Francis O'Sullivan near Chicago's lakefront

We believe this new strategy will meet this next stage of the energy transition. Leveraging the approach we have taken over the last eight years with S2G Ventures, our goal is to invest and instrument the whole energy system in a way that aligns current technical solutions with evolving market structures and regulatory frameworks to mainstream the transition of a cleaner energy system across industries.

The Fund will also leverage our existing platform of value-added services across corporate development, policy and regulatory support, marketing and communications, community building, talent development, and data science.

To learn more, see our press release.

Investing to Mainstream Clean Energy's Role in the 21st Century Economy

Investing to Mainstream Clean Energy's Role in the 21st Century Economy


S2G Ventures

S2G Ventures is investing in a humane and healthy planet. We partner with trailblazing entrepreneurs who are building innovative market-based solutions to address some of our world’s greatest challenges across the food, agriculture, oceans, and clean energy markets.


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