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Clean Energy

Our Approach

S2G’s growing portfolio of companies are accelerating the transition to the clean energy, low-carbon economy needed to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

Over the next decade, we must undergo a profound shift to widespread clean energy adoption. We invest in companies that are mainstreaming this transition through clean energy generation and decarbonization of the mobility, industrial, and built environment sectors.


Taking a Systems Approach

Technological, business model, and financial innovation will all be key to transforming the energy system. We take a systems approach to our investment thesis. 


Tailoring Capital Solutions

Clean energy requires many forms of capital - from equity to asset finance - but current models lack flexibility.  As a long-term partner, we tailor structures for each company and solution set.


Building Inter-sector Seams

The energy system is increasingly interconnected. We unlock value by bridging seams between traditionally siloed sectors in power, mobility, industrials, and the built environment.


Francis O'Sullivan, Managing Director of Clean Energy, covers the stages of the Energy Transition to date, what's required now to meet the world's decarbonization needs and how S2G's flexible investment model provides our partners with a distinct competitive advantage. 


Our portfolio companies are growing and looking for talented and passionate team members to join them.

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