Investing in a humane and healthy planet.  

Backing and supporting trailblazing entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a critical catalyst for change. They’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in food and agriculture – which is why we don’t just write checks. We work to be value-added partners in their growth. We help them push through challenges every day in the lab, the field, the kitchen, so their big ideas can go from seed to growth.

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Portfolio Companies Globally

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Average Revenue Growth

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Total Capital Added to the System

Driven by purpose

With purpose at our core, we invest holistically to meet consumer demands for more nutritious, sustainable, and traceable food. We are backing entrepreneurs who are working to disrupt the food system across the supply chain.

We’re harnessing the power of food innovation to create better outcomes for people and the planet. 

Convening diverse perspectives

Driving change takes more than passion and hard work.  We look to connect our ecosystem by making introductions, sharing knowledge and generating leads for our network with the goal of increasing access to capital industry-wide. That includes spurring deeper conversations and building relationships that will drive meaningful impact and ROI. Together, we are working to bring positive change on a scalable level.


The ABCs of Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology

Innovations in CEA technology have the potential to de-risk production and commercial adoption as well as transform food production.

Celebrating Women Founders and CEOs Building a Better Food System

Our women founders and CEOs are solving the critical challenges facing our food system and also providing a path for the next generation.

10 Billion for Carbon Negative Food Transition

S2G challenges the private market to catalyze $10 billion over the next 3 years directed at transitioning to a carbon negative food system.


Carbon 101 and The Future of Carbon Markets

Alex Rau, Founding Partner of Environmental Commodity Partners LP (ECP) and Climate Wedge, joins us on this podcast episode. We talk about Alex's background, cover carbon 101: what it really means, what it doesn't mean, and explore how this commodity that is increasingly getting structured and formalized is important to several industries, including the food system.






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