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A humane and healthy planet.

To back the best entrepreneurs that are improving the overall health and sustainability of the food system.



Mason Leist

Mason Leist

Mason Leist

Senior Analyst, Food and Agriculture

Mason Leist is a Senior Analyst on S2G's Food and Agriculture investment team. Her responsibilities include evaluation, research, and execution of investments and support for S2G’s portfolio companies. Prior to S2G Mason worked as a project consultant for Bluefield Research, leading a report on the future of water management strategies in agriculture.

Mason graduated from Cornell University as an International Agriculture and Rural Development major with a concentration in Economic Development, and minors in Business and Law. During her time at Cornell, Mason served as the president of the Cornell Hydroponics Student Organization, and as an executive member of Anabel’s Grocery, a subsidized grocery store erected to address food insecurity on Cornell’s campus. In 2019 Mason was selected as a CALS Global Fellow to work with Siam Organic, a social enterprise focused on bringing their unique rice strain to international markets and supporting Thai smallholder farmers. In 2018 Mason received a Cornell Cooperative Extension grant to work for Smallhold.

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