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A humane and healthy planet.

To back the best entrepreneurs that are improving the overall health and sustainability of the food system.



Gokul Raghavan

Gokul Raghavan

Gokul Raghavan

Associate, Clean Energy

Gokul Raghavan is an Associate for S2G Ventures supporting the clean energy investment team to find, analyze, and execute on opportunities across the supply chain.

Prior to joining S2G, Gokul worked on the investment team at Fidelity Investments. While at Fidelity, Gokul focused on public equity investments across downstream energy, materials, utilities, and renewable infrastructure. In his prior role, Gokul was a rotational associate at Fidelity, working across various asset class investment strategies including small cap equity, investment grade fixed income, and global asset allocation.

Originally from Columbus, OH, Gokul graduated with degrees in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Chicago. Gokul currently lives in Boston, MA and enjoys running and reading.

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