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A humane and healthy planet.

To back the best entrepreneurs that are improving the overall health and sustainability of the food system.



Audre Kapacinskas

Audre Kapacinskas

Audre Kapacinskas

Principal, Corporate Development

Audre Kapacinskas is a Principal at S2G Ventures, where she focuses on unlocking value for S2G, its portfolio companies and strategic partners. Throughout her career, Audre has worked at the intersection of technology, strategy and operations to incubate new ideas and drive growth across organizations. Prior to S2G, Audre was a Director of Sales and Corporate Strategy at a predictive analytics start-up delivering artificial intelligence and IoT solutions to the Industrial sector. She started her career at a boutique strategy consulting firm working with private equity firms and corporate clients with growth acceleration, value assessments and investment diligence.

Audre is a Fulbright Scholar, holds an Honours BA from the University of Toronto and an MA from Vilnius University.

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