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8 Trends Critical to a Vibrant Blue Economy

8 Trends Critical to a Vibrant Blue Economy


The United Nations declared 2021–2030 the ‘Ocean Decade’ dedicated to Ocean Science and Sustainable Development. This proclamation could not be more timely. Today, the climate crisis is a dinner table conversation, and the general public is connecting that the climate’s health hinges on our ocean’s health. This increasing awareness is converging with broader consumer trends toward responsibly sourced products and creating tailwinds that are accelerating investors’ interest in ocean solutions for climate change. The investments our industry makes in the ocean today will set the course for the emergence of the blue economy over the coming decades.

Since launching our Ocean and Seafood fund, we have been encouraged by the number of opportunities to invest in dedicated entrepreneurs and innovative solutions. We have seen countless opportunities to create systemic changes that can alter the trajectory of ocean health, climate resilience and food security while also generating strong financial returns. The stakes for the ocean have never been higher, and today’s entrepreneurs have shown we have the knowledge, technology and resources to innovate boldly and deploy radical solutions. 

This report explores eight trends that are moving us closer to an ocean that can sustain abundant marine life, regulate our climate, provide food and essential ecosystem services for a growing population and support a healthy planet for generations to come.


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