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The State of Agtech: Reaching Scale Through Digitization

The State of Agtech: Reaching Scale Through Digitization


In the face of climate change, a growing human population, supply chain challenges, and evolving consumer demands around health and environmental outcomes of food production, new technologies are needed to make the agricultural industry more profitable, efficient, resilient and environmentally sustainable. But while investment in agtech has tripled over the last three years, the rate of tech adoption across the value chain has historically been slow, and selling tech directly to growers has proven to be capital intensive with long adoption cycles. Marketing channels are an essential point of consideration for young tech, and in this report, we explore other go-to-market scenarios for agtech companies.

We believe that agtech companies can achieve scalability by developing enterprise relationships across the supply chain to accelerate in-field adoption. In this report, we will look at the incentives and use cases for different stakeholders from input companies to OEMs, ag retailers and food companies to adopt new technologies. For agtech companies to drive sustained adoption and achieve ROI in today's landscape, they have to not only deliver a clear value proposition to enterprise customers but also build products that have obvious value and low user friction among growers.


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