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The Future of Food: Through the Lens of Retail

The Future of Food: Through the Lens of Retail


A pivotal moment for retail and the food supply chain.

The pandemic of 2020 is shining the brightest of lights on our present day food system and exposing both its resiliency and its vulnerabilities. Both the immediacy and the power of this virus has stopped us in our tracks and forced us to reimagine and reorder the world through the lens of the virus.

This is an unprecedented moment in time, and food retailers sit squarely in the middle of it, providing an essential service yet needing to change in the moment. The evolution and adoption of digital options and pathways has accelerated exponentially, and we have crossed the digital divide never to return to a solely physical retail world.

In our second installment of research focusing on the Future of Food in the Age of Covid, we share our research and perspectives on food, retailing and areas of focus critical for retailers to drive future growth.


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