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Everyone Eats - The Future of Food in the Age of COVID

Everyone Eats - The Future of Food in the Age of COVID


Why innovation and entrepreneurship are more important than ever.

In this report we explore implications of the COVID-19 pandemic to the Food and Agriculture industry and identify the areas of innovation critical to building a healthier and more sustainable food system.  We are sharing this with our partners and investors in hopes that the data and insights will help you navigate this unprecedented time.

Our team spent the last three months researching and monitoring the coronavirus situation and trying to understand the impact on the food system. The research ranges from desktop research to monitoring news outlets and speaking to various experts. We spent time speaking with epidemiologists, healthcare professionals, farmers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other investors to gather insights and develop a perspective to the implications of COVID-19 on food and agriculture.

In this report we will cover:

  • Pandemics 101 – A History of Recovery and Innovation

  • Everyone Eats – Pandemic Proof Demand, but Supply?

  • The Future of Food – COVID-19 and Calories


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