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We are thrilled to release the first episode in our new podcast series Investing in Our Oceans which will bring together perspectives from philanthropists, investors and strategic partners who are working towards building a healthy ocean ecosystem and sustainable seafood supply chain.

Our oceans have been historically underinvested in.

That is changing.

Since launching our ocean fund we have been blown away by the innovation and excitement in the oceans investing ecosystem. With rising consumer awareness around the importance of our oceans and the threats they face, along with incredible technological strides that are creating new opportunities and applications, there has been tremendous growth in deal flow and investor interest in oceans solutions. We’ve seen numerous oceans focused funds and accelerators launch and many institutional investors enter the space, all great indications that the conditions are ripe to start moving serious capital in this direction.

We believe there is an undeniable connection between sustainability and profitability.

The UN has proclaimed this to be a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development in order to gather international stakeholders behind a common framework to ensure science will guide sustainable ocean development. The next few years will be crucial for creating the framework for a new approach to our ocean economy–one anchored in human and planetary health and resilience in addition to profits. As we learn more about the human impact on our oceans it is clear that environmental and economic outcomes are intricately linked.

Over the past year and a half we have connected with hundreds of entrepreneurs, fund managers, foundations, accelerators, nonprofits and universities around the world to learn how they think about our ocean resources, what issues they are prioritizing, and the technologies they believe can address them. In this podcast series we hope to let listeners in on some of these conversations. We’ll be looking at the opportunities to align economic, social and environmental objectives in the oceans space and the efforts to develop technologies, invest in and create policies around these solutions.

Our first episode, “Building an Oceans Ecosystem with Peter Bryant,” explores the opportunities for private sector capital to support sustainable ocean innovation in a number of ways from philanthropic efforts to impact investing and VC, and looks at some of the recent exciting growth in the sector.

We hope you will tune in and join us.

Investing In Our Oceans

Investing In Our Oceans


Kate Danaher

Managing Director

Kate Danaher is Managing Director of S2G Ventures Ocean and Seafood. She has worked at the intersection of impact investing and sustainable food and agriculture for over eight years. Kate believes that business can catalyze the positive social and environmental shifts we need in this world but that the right capital partners and ecosystem are critical to their success.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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