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S2G Ventures is thrilled to share that we are part of a new entity called Builders Vision.

Builders Vision Logo

Builders Vision is an impact platform dedicated to supporting people and organizations building a more humane and healthy planet through philanthropy, investment, and advocacy. With this launch, S2G became a part of Builders Private Capital, the direct investment team for Lukas Walton. Builders Private Capital and S2G Ventures will work in tandem to invest in and support solutions to some of our biggest social and environmental challenges, including climate change and human health.

For the past 7 years, S2G has been focused on backing trailblazing entrepreneurs that are improving the overall health and sustainability of the food system, from soil to shelf. Last year we expanded our scope to focus on investments that aim to create a more sustainable and resilient ocean ecosystem via our Oceans and Seafood fund. S2G’s commitment to these important investment verticals remains as strong as ever.

As part of our broader Builders Private Capital, we are expanding our strategy and team to have greater impact. Look for more information on Builders Private Capital in the coming weeks.

We look forward to introducing you to our impact platform.

Builders Vision

Driven by the urgency of today’s societal and environmental challenges, Builders Vision provides a range of philanthropic and investment support to seed and scale solutions in four impact areas: food and agriculture, climate and energy, oceans, and communities.

Builders Initiative

Builders Initiative is the philanthropic team of Builders Vision. Builders Initiative invests in those on the forefront of change. It includes the Builders Initiative Foundation and other impact driven investments to support those building a more humane and healthy planet.

Builders Asset Management

Builders Asset Management is the asset management team of Builders Vision. It invests responsibly – ensuring returns are reinvested to fuel the Builders Vision mission and work.

We look forward to continuing to work with our entrepreneurs, strategic partners, investors and advisors towards our collective mission of building healthier and more sustainable food systems.

Introducing Builders Vision

Introducing Builders Vision


S2G Ventures

S2G Ventures is investing in a humane and healthy planet. We partner with trailblazing entrepreneurs who are building innovative market-based solutions to address some of our world’s greatest challenges across the food, agriculture, oceans, and clean energy markets.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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