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CES, the world’s biggest technology show, sets the stage for the technologies and product announcements that will be talked about all year. In 2022, CES will introduce three new categories - Food Tech, Space Tech and NFTs. We are thrilled to see food technology become part of this important technology event and are heading out to Las Vegas from January 5th to January 8th to be a part of the experience and sponsor the Food Tech programming with The Spoon.

According to the Consumer Technology Association, the Food Tech category at CES will address agriculture, ingredient innovation, meal kits and deliveries, nutrition, plant-based proteins, traceability, sustainability, vertical farming and more. Grov Technologies, Impossible Foods and John Deere will be returning exhibitors.

In past years, The Spoon, a leading food tech media and events partner, hosted Food Tech Live as a parallel event to CES as a forum to give the food industry a central place to connect and experience the latest in food innovation. This year they have teamed up with CES to bring Food Tech to the big show in two ways:

The Food Tech Exhibit, an exhibit space showcasing the latest innovations and demonstrating new products from across the kitchen, food and ag tech spectrum. This will be live on the CES show floor in the Venetian Expo near the Innovation Awards Showcase.

The CES Food Tech Conference, presented by The Spoon, will bring together visionary thinkers, chef entrepreneurs, appliance vendors, delivery and food retail disruptors at CES 2022. Each session will highlight the innovation and disruption happening across the food industry as a result of tech advancements like artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, mobile accessibility and more. Food Tech programming includes sessions on the future of food and cooking, food robots, alt meat, and food waste, where our portfolio company Hazel Technology CEO Aidan Mouat will be speaking.

If you are attending CES, we would love to connect with you! Drop us a line at so we can find a time to meet up.

Food Tech Comes to CES

Food Tech Comes to CES


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