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The S2G team is headed to CES 2023 this January in Las Vegas to learn about the global innovations that will set the stage for the trends for the year. Given our focus areas, we are thrilled to see the event add a track on sustainability and expanded its focus on mobility, digital health, food tech and agriculture.

Here is a rundown of what we are looking forward to seeing.

Food Tech Conference and Exhibit

The Spoon is once again hosting the Food Tech programming, and our team is excited to sponsor again. This year’s programming spans session topics ranging from “Reinventing the Food System for a 10 Billion Person Planet,” “The Future of Farming,” “Scaling Towards a Trillion Dollar Alternative Protein Industry,” and “Meals on Mars: The Race to Create Food in Space,” among others. On the show floor, we expect to see more kitchen and restaurant automation, autonomous last-mile delivery, food service robots and some unexpected surprises we haven’t even imagined yet. We also will be on the lookout for solutions that help us move towards a healthier and more sustainable food system, including food preservation solutions and more climate-smart foods and ingredients.


AgTech will come to the main stage for the first time in CES history this year when John Deere Chairman and CEO John May gives a keynote on how purpose-driven sustainability and advancements in technology are addressing one of the world’s greatest challenges – feeding a growing global population. Beyond the stage, we expect a big exhibit presence from John Deere and look forward to learning how its technology has progressed since launching its fully autonomous tractor at last year’s event.

We hope to see more AgTech innovations in the areas of robotics, sensors and IoT that can help farmers optimize their operations and implement more sustainable farming practices, as well as emerging technologies in indoor and vertical farming.

Digital Health

Following last year’s CES keynote by Robert Ford, Chairman and CEO, Abbott, when he shared stories about the convergence of health and technology “to empower human lives,” we expect the scope of healthcare programming and exhibits to expand this year. We look forward to attending the Digital Health programming track, including sessions on “AI, Digital Health, and the Future of Patient Care,” “Big Tech in Health: What It Gets Right and Wrong,” and “Digital Twins and the Coming Revolution in Medicine,” among others.

We look forward to seeing this year’s Digital Health Studio sponsored by the American College of Emergency Physicians, touring the digital health exhibits to find innovations at the intersection of health, technology and food. We are particularly interested to see how improved monitoring technologies can aid people in their journey towards better health outcomes driven by healthier food and food-based medicines.

Environment and Sustainability

CES has introduced a new Environment and Sustainability track of programming, and our team is excited to see this important topic introduced to the schedule. Programming includes “Working Towards a Circular Economy for Critical Minerals, Electronics and Batteries,” “Renewable Energy, Renewable World,” and “How Low-Power IoT Can Help Save the Planet.”

Electrification of Mobility and Industrials

If past experience is a guide for the future, we expect to see all manner of electrification across transport, from cars, motorcycles, and boats to semi-trucks and industrial vehicles. Hyundai Heavy Industries won nine CES Innovation Awards that we are looking forward to seeing their innovations and others that can support decarboninzation of industrial vehicles.

Smart Cities and Homes

The show floor will no doubt have a plethora of smart home devices and we are keen to see those that help consumers manage electricity usage and lead more sustainable lives. We look forward to seeing new innovations that will help cities move towards the same goals.

Are you heading to CES 2023? We would love to hear from you. Drop our team a line here or connect with our team below on LinkedIn or in the CES app if you have suggestions on other things we should see or would like to meet up at the event.

Audre Kapacinskas, Principal, Corporate Development

Dan Ripma, Vice President, Food and Agriculture

Tonya Bakritzes, Managing Director, Marketing

Stephan Feilhauer, Managing Director, Clean Energy

CES 2023: A Focus on Food and Ag Tech, Digital Health, Sustainability and Electrification

CES 2023: A Focus on Food and Ag Tech, Digital Health, Sustainability and Electrification


Tonya Bakritzes

Managing Director

Tonya Bakritzes is a Managing Director on S2G Ventures' Platform Team where she oversees the fund’s brand strategy, marketing and communications and provides strategic guidance to the fund’s portfolio companies.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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