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S2G is excited to support five companies that were recognized as 2020 AgTech Breakthrough Award winners! The AgTech Breakthrough Awards celebrate innovative products and services that are transforming agriculture through digitization, automation and machine learning. Congratulations to the teams at Apeel, Benson Hill, Growers Edge, Hi Fidelity Genetics and Sound Ag for this important recognition.

The global food system is under increasing pressure from climate change and disruptions posed by Covid-19. At S2G, we believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are more important than ever to build a healthier, more sustainable and more resilient future food system. AgTech is a critical component of that change providing farmers with better tools to adapt to changing climate, to preserve and repair the environment and run profitable businesses.

The AgTech industry is experiencing explosive growth. The global addressable digital agriculture market has been estimated between $254 billion to $340 billion.(1) What was historically an under-digitized industry is rapidly becoming one that is highly technical. We foresee a future where farmers and producers ubiquitously use enabling technologies such as robotics, IoT, and drones for precision agriculture, and where the use of data-driven farm practices, digital marketplaces and technology-specific crop insurance are commonplace. The future of agriculture is bright and we celebrate the entrepreneurs who are leading the pack in bringing these new technologies and products to market.

Benson Hill CEO Matt Crisp

Benson Hill

AI-based AgTech Solution of the Year

CEO: Matt Crisp

Benson Hill empowers innovators to tap the natural genetic diversity of plants and develop healthier and more sustainable food. Benson Hill’s CropOS™ platform combines machine learning and big data with breeding techniques and plant biology to dramatically accelerate and simplify the product development process.

Growers Edge

AgTech Finance Solution of the Year

CEO: Dan Cosgrove

Growers Edge's vision is to help growers minimize risk by delivering proven insurance offerings and new risk management tools through its longstanding network of independent insurance agents. The Growers Edge intelligence platform uses sophisticated data science, as well as public and private data sets, and deep learning algorithms to design warranty-backed crop management plans sold through U.S. ag retailers. These plans reduce a farmer's risk and help them more efficiently and effectively plant, nurture and harvest crops.

Hi Fidelity Genetics

Plant Data Solution of the Year

CEO: Bill Niebur

Hi Fidelity Genetics is a computational breeding technology company. The company is leveraging its proprietary RootTracker, a root phenotyping device, to identify hybrids and bio-stimulants that increase yield performance. HFG monetizes this by selling its best-in-class non-GMO seeds. With their unique approach, the company tackles the complexities of feeding a growing population as growing conditions change rapidly.


Overall Food Quality Solution Provider of the Year

CEO: James Rogers

Around 40 percent of food produced world-wide ends up in the landfill. Apeel Sciences is tackling the epidemic of food waste by harnessing the power of plants to increase the shelf life of fresh food. By teaming up with fresh food growers, suppliers, and retailers Apeel Sciences works to ensure that food stays fresh from farm to table without relying on chemicals.

Sound Ag

AgTech Startup of the Year

CEO: Adam Litle

Sound Agriculture promotes plant health with its revolutionary ag input products that rest at the cutting edge of innovation. The company’s tools allow plants to use nutrients efficiently giving farmers greater yield and improved soil health. By offering these benefits at an affordable price point, Sound Ag hopes to help farmers feed people and farm sustainably.


(1) USDA A Case for Rural Broadband, April 2019

Celebrating Breakthrough Innovation in AgTech

Celebrating Breakthrough Innovation in AgTech


Tonya Bakritzes

Managing Director

Tonya Bakritzes is a Managing Director on S2G Ventures' Platform Team where she oversees the fund’s brand strategy, marketing and communications and provides strategic guidance to the fund’s portfolio companies.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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