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We are thrilled to announce the finalists for the 2022 AgSharks Pitch Competition. After sorting through dozens of impressive applications, we selected three companies that will pitch their innovations to a panel of judges composed of growers, shippers, processors and venture capitalists during the Western Growers Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, November 2-5. They will be competing for a chance to win a $250,000 minimum investment, potential access to farm acreage to pilot their technologies, and of course mentoring from S2G and WG and access to WG’s expansive network of leading fresh produce companies.

Meet our three finalists:


Nutjobs is a material science company developing biodegradable, plastic alternative products made from upcycled agricultural byproducts.

Problem(s): Single-use plastics have low biodegradability, and negatively impact human, animal, and planet health by polluting the environment. Each year, ~13mm tons of plastic products are used in agriculture value chains and another ~37mm tons in food packaging.

Innovation: Nutjobs’ patented formulations develop biodegradable, plastic alternative products for the agriculture industry that are nearing the cost parity gap with conventional, single-use plastics by using upcycled nut byproducts that can integrate into current manufacturing processes. Its products are better for the environment, but still equally functional in performance.

Learn More: Nutjobs

SWAN Systems

SWAN Systems is a precision water, nutrient, and irrigation software platform for the agriculture industry.

Problem(s): Increasing water scarcity, rising environmental concerns, and growing government regulation demand better water management. Yet, monitoring water management is time-consuming and complicated by excess data sources that create more confusion than clarity.

Innovation: SWAN’s unique software connects with any hardware device, aggregating data from multiple sources, and applying algorithms that provide actionable irrigation management insights.

Learn More: SWAN Systems Global

En Solución Inc.

En Solución is a chemical-free method for cleaning fresh food that reduces the risk of food-borne illness outbreaks and extends shelf-life.

Problem(s): 1 in 6 US individuals experience food-borne illnesses each year and 20% of grown food goes to waste before it is purchased.

Innovation: En Solución's novel technology solution introduces ozone gas-infused nanobubbles into packhouse wash processes. With this technology, ozone nanobubble-infused water is used to wash food products and food contact surfaces via application as a spray to the surface of the product or directly to the wash water where the product is immersed. This results in significant log reductions of dangerous pathogens in water, on products, and on surfaces.

Learn More: En Solución

We can’t wait to learn more about these companies at the AgSharks event on November 4! Check back here post-event to learn more about the winner.

Meet the 3 Finalists for the 2022 AgSharks Pitch Competition

Meet the 3 Finalists for the 2022 AgSharks Pitch Competition


Audre Kapacinskas


Audre Kapacinskas is a Vice President at S2G Ventures, where she focuses on unlocking value for S2G, its portfolio companies and strategic partners. Throughout her career, Audre has worked at the intersection of technology, strategy and operations to incubate new ideas and drive growth across organizations.


Josie Lane

Art Director

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