Climax Foods

Climax Foods

The culmination of food

Sector Brands

Founded 2019

Headquarters Berkeley,CA

Led by a team of top data and food scientists from around the globe, Climax Foods harnesses the vast biodiversity of the plant kingdom to create the pinnacle of flavor, texture, and nutrition. All at an accessible price point.

Oliver Zahn

CEO and Founder


Founded by an Impossible Foods, and Google data scientist, Climax Foods raises $7.5 million to tackle the cheesiest market

“Climax Foods is tackling the same opportunity to change the market and the food system, but they are doing it with an entirely novel technological approach. They are using data science to produce a new category of foods that will not merely compete with, but out-compete, animal products in terms of taste, nutritional density, and price,” said Sanjeev Krishnan, one of the largest investors in the plant protein space and Chief Investment Officer of S2G Ventures.

Tech Crunch


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