Our Portfolio

S2G’s portfolio companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in food and agriculture.  They are first movers and disruptors.  Collectively, we are on a mission to better align the food system with changing consumer demands for healthy and sustainable food.

Our approach

We invest holistically across the food chain and create collaborative partnerships that spur innovation. 

By focusing on the entire food supply chain, from how products are grown to the ingredients in our food to how consumer behavior is changing, we are able to construct a portfolio that sees the bigger picture environmental and financial system impact and synergies.


S2G invests in companies that are transforming the farm gate. Innovations in agriculture input, on-farm technologies and techniques, along with new financing and merchandising solutions, are resulting in better yields, new crop traits and more environmentally conscious practices. 


Voice-to-data capture for agrifood


Autonomous farming begins with collaborative farm robots

Growers Edge

Data-driven agtech solutions

Shenandoah Growers

Transforming how the world experiences food


Farming Now

Clear Frontier

Clear Frontier is a long-term partner for the family farmer

Hi Fidelity Genetics

Predicting the future of agriculture

Sound Agriculture Company

The future of agriculture sustainably powered by science


A pioneer in decision agriculture

Egg Innovations

Chickens | People | Planet

NewLeaf Symbiotics

Using the power of nature to strengthen crops


Transforming how food is grown and the economics of agriculture

Benson Hill

Empowers innovators by unlocking the natural genetic diversity of plants

GreenLight Biosciences

Using biotechnology to harness the power of RNA


The in-season agronomic insights leader

Trace Genomics

Informed soil insights. Smarter crop decisions


Now more than ever, consumers want to know where their food comes from.  And be assured that it is safe, fresh, and reliably and responsibly prepared.  S2G’s portfolio companies are innovating in the areas of perishability, packaging, testing, ingredients and logistics to make our food supply safe, resilient and sustainable.

Apeel Sciences

Freshness that won't go to waste


Making natural affordable


Simply better taste


Enabling trade execution for remote teams


Unlocking the intelligence of the natural world to power human wellness

Hazel Technologies

Increase shelf life and decrease waste

SWARM Engineering

Optimizing the food supply chain for everyone's benefit

Food ID

Empowering producers to offer, and consumers to eat, clean food

Intelligent Growth Solutions

Delivering ideal climates for plants and people


Traceability and environmental monitoring for a safer world


Plant-based engineering


Bringing market intelligence to sustainable agriculture


Enhanced proteins by leveraging computational design to feed the world sustainably


Consumers are demanding more natural, functional and clean label food. And they are changing the way they purchase from and interact with brands.  S2G invests in companies at the forefront of this change.  

Atomo Coffee

Better coffee. Better for the environment


Making nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all


Your food, solved, simplified

Once Upon a Farm

Cold-pressed organic baby and kid foods


Simple, seasonal, healthy salads and grain bowls

Back to the Roots

To plant a garden is to believe in the future

Fishpeople Seafood

From our docks to your door

Kuli Kuli

The moringa superfood company

Ripple Foods

Dairy-free, as it should be

That's Tasty

Pure organic flavor

Beyond Meat

Plant-based meat alternatives that appeal to omnivores

Future Meat

Reinventing agriculture


Plant-based Superfoods

Shenandoah Valley Organic

Promoting and protecting generational family farms

The UCAN Company

Smarter energy to optimize health and performance

Climax Foods

The culmination of food

Good Eggs

Absurdly fresh groceries

Maple Hill Creamery

Milk the way nature intended


Culinary excellency elevated by technology

Our portfolio companies are growing and looking for talented and passionate team members to join them.


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