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Adapting to the Future of Work with Rishad Tobaccowala

Adapting to the Future of Work with Rishad Tobaccowala


In this episode, Rishad Tobaccowala, former Chief Growth Officer at Publicis Groupe, and current author, speaker, advisor, and host of the What Next? podcast, offers an incisive look into the evolving nexus of technology and human capital shaping the future of work. Tobaccowala discusses the critical importance of rethinking workplace design and integrating new technologies into workflows to drive growth. He also provides actionable strategies to leverage advancements in AI and enhance employee engagement to ensure companies remain competitive in the face of tomorrow’s challenges. This episode is a must-listen for leaders seeking to scale their companies effectively while navigating the dynamic shifts in work environments and trends.

Key Topics:

  1. The Major Shifts in Work Motivators: Rishad explains how we went from looking for money, fame, and power out of our jobs, to desiring purpose, values and connections and then eventually freedom, story and growth.

  2. Trends Shaping the Future of Work: Rishad explores the trends that leaders must keep top of mind to ensure their companies are prepared for a rapidly evolving future. These include changing demographics, power shifts, mind shifts, and technological shifts.

  3. Cultivating a Culture of Change and Innovation: According to Rishad, the strategic importance of fostering an environment conducive to change and innovation cannot be overstated. For investors and entrepreneurs, embedding this type of culture within their startups or established enterprises is key to navigating future uncertainties.

  4. Leveraging AI as a Catalyst for Comprehensive Engagement: AI's role transcends operational efficiencies, emerging as a crucial catalyst for enriching employee engagement. Rishad advocates for greater integration of AI to foster an environment of heightened productivity and employee satisfaction.

  5. Adaptive Leadership for Resilient Workplaces: Throughout the conversation, Rishad encourages leaders to remain agile and forward-looking amidst rapid changes in work environments. By thinking critically about workplace design, employee engagement, and technological integration, leaders can forge paths that not only adapt to but anticipate future trends.


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Adapting to the Future of Work with Rishad Tobaccowala
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