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Building an Oceans Ecosystem with Peter Bryant

Building an Oceans Ecosystem with Peter Bryant

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Building an Oceans Ecosystem with Peter Bryant
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We are excited to launch our new series, Investing in our Oceans, in which Kate Danaher and Larsen Mettler, the managing directors of our oceans and seafood fund, sit down with a range of stakeholders in the sustainable oceans investment sector.  These conversations will explore the exciting growth and opportunities in the space, as well as the work that still needs to be done to develop the blue economy and ensure that economic and environmental outcomes go hand in hand.

In this first episode, S2G's Kate Danaher connects with Peter Bryant, Senior Program Director at Builders Initiative, about his extensive experience investing in companies and organizations working on sustainable ocean innovations and how philanthropy, impact investing, and VC can work together to support a wide range of ocean solutions.

More information about Builders Initiative and Builders Vision can be found here.


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