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The Future of Food: Why Now is a Critical Moment for Retail and the Food Marketplace

The Future of Food: Why Now is a Critical Moment for Retail and the Food Marketplace

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The Future of Food: Why Now is a Critical Moment for Retail and the Food Marketplace
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Walter Robb, former co-CEO at Whole Foods and Audre Kapacinskas of S2G Ventures share highlights from the recently co-authored Future of Food Report and discuss what is happening in the retail and food marketplace, address trends and the opportunity ahead with the rapid digitalization of the sector, and share predictions for the future.


Walter Robb

Executive in Residence

S2G Ventures

Walter is an investor, mentor and advisor to the next generation of American food companies. Robb has dedicated his career to bringing healthier, more sustainable food to more people, and trying to bring purpose and values to business. In his role as Executive in Residence at S2G, he collaborates and works directly alongside entrepreneurs and leadership teams on growth and go-to-market strategy, business development, and building strong culture across their respective businesses. As former co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, Robb has a long and varied entrepreneurial history, ranging from natural food retailer to farmer to consultant. Robb joined Whole Foods Market in 1991 and in 2010 was named co-CEO along with John Mackey, at which time he joined the Whole Foods Market Board of Directors. In 2017, Robb transitioned his leadership focus to mentoring and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs through the creation of Stonewall Robb Advisors. Robb also serves on the Board of Directors for Union Square Hospitality Group, The Container Store, FoodID, Hungry, Aphria, and Apeel Sciences.

Audre Kapacinskas

Vice President

S2G Ventures

Audre Kapacinskas is a Vice President at S2G Ventures, where she focuses on unlocking value for S2G, its portfolio companies and strategic partners. Throughout her career, Audre has worked at the intersection of technology, strategy and operations to incubate new ideas and drive growth across organizations. Prior to S2G, Audre was a Director of Sales and Corporate Strategy at a predictive analytics start-up delivering artificial intelligence and IoT solutions to the Industrial sector. She started her career at a boutique strategy consulting firm working with private equity firms and corporate clients with growth acceleration, value assessments and investment diligence.

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