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How to Use Data to Navigate a Changing Marketplace with SPINS

How to Use Data to Navigate a Changing Marketplace with SPINS

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How to Use Data to Navigate a Changing Marketplace with SPINS
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In this episode, we're joined by Anubhav Goel, President of Client Growth Solutions at SPINS, to discuss data and what has happened in the natural products industry since the COVID pandemic hit. Anu shares more and the role of data and data-driven insights and tips for how brands, retailers, and the cast along the food supply chain can navigate this changing marketplace, including predictions for 2021.


Anubhav Goel

President - Client Growth Solutions


Anu Goel is President - Client Growth Solutions at SPINS, the only source for consumer insights; digital applications for brands, consumers, and retailers; cross-channel retail analytics; health & wellness expertise; and industry-leading consulting services. In this role, Anu leads SPINS’ Brand Growth Solutions, Consumer Insight Solutions, and Financial Partners Group.

Brand Growth Solutions is the leading strategy consulting boutique for the Natural Products Industry, working with over 100 of SPINS’ brand clients on sales and marketing growth strategies. Consumer Insight Solutions enables unique insights into the natural and organic consumer using the National Consumer Panel, concept testing, and primary research solutions. Goel’s newest division, SPINS’ Financial Partners Group, oers unique solutions to help investors find, analyze, and invest in winning health & wellness brands.

Prior to joining SPINS, Anu held leadership positions at Brand Equity Ventures, McKinsey & Company, and Beam, Inc. He has over 20 years’ experience building winning strategies that help brands and retailers succeed. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in economics and engineering from The University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

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