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Abundant Oceans: The Economic and Environmental Opportunity for Ocean Restoration with Oceans 2050

Abundant Oceans: The Economic and Environmental Opportunity for Ocean Restoration with Oceans 2050

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Abundant Oceans: The Economic and Environmental Opportunity for Ocean Restoration with Oceans 2050
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We are delighted to welcome Oceans 2050 leaders Alexandra Cousteau and Megan Reilly Cayten to this episode. Guests discuss the transition from an abundant ocean to the state of the oceans today. We dive into the private sector opportunity ahead and discuss the interconnection of the climate crisis and the oceans. Beyond the issues and opportunities ahead for markets and investors, we discuss actions we can all take today.

About Oceans 2050

Established in 2018, Ocean’s 2050 mission is to mobilize a global alliance to restore the world’s oceans to abundance by 2050, in the span of one human generation. Founded and lead by Alexandra Cousteau, the platform identifies and develops solutions that harness the power of markets to reshape an ocean strategy fit for current and future challenges by producing impact at a scale that is meaningful for the oceans, the climate and the millions of people that depend on them.

Referenced in the Podcast:

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Megan Reilly Cayten

Chief Commercial Officer

Oceans 2050

Megan has developed, financed and managed projects to deliver positive impacts for people and the planet on four continents. She has a background in infrastructure development (AES Corporation), finance (Citi) and asset management (Alinda Capital Partners). She also founded, grew and sold an impact-focused business with operations in Mexico and India. Her passion is climate restoration, with the goal of leaving our children a habitable planet.

Megan is currently developing a renewable energy project in the Caribbean, and also advises funds, companies and projects on climate and carbon offset strategy, ESG and impact. She chairs the board of the National Environmental Education Foundation, and is a board member of the Fondo Nacional para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza (Mexico), Environmental Voter Project, Educate 2 Envision (Honduras) and is on the National Council of World Wildlife Fund.

Megan is excited about seaweed's potential to be restorative to the oceans and to the climate at significant scale. She leads Oceans 2050's blue carbon work, including designing and raising funding for the seaweed aquaculture carbon project, launching September 2020; is a key point of engagement and execution lead for enterprise, foundation and project partnerships; and is developing a strategy to raise and deploy third-party capital and other resources to scale-up projects and companies that deliver on Oceans 2050's restoration objectives.

Alexandra Cousteau

President & Co-founder

Oceans 2050

Alexandra's advocacy for oceans started at 8-years old when she gathered signatures for her grandfather's petition to save Antarctica. Since then, she has always been involved in ocean conservation—whether advocating for the expansion of marine protected areas, educating people about sustainable seafood, conducting deep-sea surveys, rescuing dolphins and manatees, or investigating the impacts of oil spills and agricultural runoff on sensitive coastal zones.

However, through her experiences she started to realize that conservation—the idea that we must protect what we have—was insufficient. If we want to leave a legacy for our children, we must do more than conserve. We must be strategic and relentless in our quest to restore ocean abundance.

With that, she has committed her life to shaping a new narrative for the ocean. By providing a new solution framework for industry change makers, startups, the next generation of leaders and underserved communities, she helps to unify those who have the ability to see our ocean thriving. Through her organization, Oceans 2050, she and her team of pioneers are on a mission to build a blue commonwealth around a shared vision.

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