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A Systems Approach to Friction Points with Lukas Walton

A Systems Approach to Friction Points with Lukas Walton

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A Systems Approach to Friction Points with Lukas Walton
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In this very special episode, S2G’s Sanjeev Kirshnan sits down with Lukas Walton to explore the thinking behind his work and the companies and organizations he has founded and funded.

From the multi-asset approach of Builders Vision, to the critical work of tackling friction points, the importance of an abundance mindset, and the efforts to look beyond impact investing to systems investing, this conversation is filled with thought provoking ideas and perspectives on how to conceptualize, fund and take action for powerful and necessary change.

As highligted in the episode, you can learn more about the mission-related transition of the Builders Initiative $1 Billion Foundation here:


PR Newswire

Impact Alpha


Sanjeev Krishnan

Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer

S2G Ventures

Sanjeev is Chief Investment Officer of S2G Ventures. His career has been focused on finding opportunities at the intersection of investment, sustainability/health and innovation. Prior to being a founding team member of S2G Ventures, Sanjeev worked at various investment platforms, including CLSA Capital Partners, IFC (World Bank Group), Global Environment Fund and JPMorgan. He is passionate about system thinking principles and the application to investing in tough tech sectors, like the food system and others related to climate change and human health.

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